Assistant Professor of History (part-time); MA, St. Andrews University; PhD, University of Virginia

Dr. Franzen is a part-time assistant professor of history, teaching European history courses on campus and in the Baldwin Online and Adult Programs. She also teaches Inquiry in the Social Sciences in the Master of Arts in Teaching Program at Mary Baldwin University. Her special interest is in modern British history, and her dissertation was on government assisted emigration from rural England during the nineteenth century. Dr. Franzen first came to the United States as the St. Andrews Exchange Scholar to the College of William and Mary. Her most recent interest is in oral history, particularly of World War II veterans and civilians. She has edited a series of memoirs by a U.S. combat veteran of World War II.

Dr. Franzen is passionate about classroom teaching and about opening her students’ eyes to the difference between knowing what happened and understanding why. She also seeks to find parallels in history, both recent and in the more distant past, which help us to recognize events and outcomes, with similarities and differences. Where possible and relevant, she tries to make history immediate to our everyday lives and decisions, and enjoys bringing outside speakers into the classroom.

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