Professor of Social Work; BA, MAS, Kashi Vidyapith University; MSW, St. Louis University; PhD, Rutgers University


Dr. Rai is an associate professor of social work and has been a faculty member of Mary Baldwin University since 2004. He has a BA and MAS from Kashi Vidyapith University, Varansai, India, an MSW from St. Louis University, a PhD in Social Work from Rutgers University, and an LISW (licensed independent social worker) from Ohio Licensing Board of Counselors and Social Workers.

He is the recipient of a graduate fellowship from St. Louis City hospitals and clinics, a doctoral fellowship from National Institute of Mental Health, and a training grant in Small System Management to MSW students for three years. His social work practice experience includes service to military families, American Red Cross; long term illness committee, medical social work, child welfare, and mental health.

Dr. Rai’s research interests include the pattern of growth and development in community organizations and institutions, impact of parenting on personality development of pre-adolescent and adolescent children, alcoholism in women, program evaluation of mental health agencies, bureaucratic inflexibility in public child welfare system, and international social welfare education in the United States. Currently, he is working on a research project titled “Organizational determinants of resident satisfaction in long term care facilities.” His recent professional presentations include: Resident satisfaction in long term care facilities (in the conference of Southern Gerontological Society, Greensboro, North Carolina) and Burnout among a staff of long term care facilities (in the conference of Gerontological Society of America, San Francisco, California.) Dr. Rai has published in Social Service Review, Administration in Social Work, and International Social Work.

Dr. Rai is a member of the National Association of Social Workers, Council on Social Work Education, and the International Federation of Social Workers and Inter-University Consortium for International Development. He has  served as a board member of United Way of Augusta County, Staunton, and Waynesboro, Virginia. He is a proud father of five daughters.

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