Assistant Professor of Art History; BS, BFA, MA, Virginia Commonwealth University

Kerry Mills is an Assistant Professor of Art History and a Faculty Adviser in “New Name for Baldwin Online and Adult Programs” in Richmond. Kerry received her Masters of Arts in Art History from Virginia Commonwealth University with a focus in American Art and Modernism. Her Masters Thesis is titled “Reconsidering Barnett Newman.” While writing her thesis, Kerry was awarded a Fellowship from the National Museum of American Art at the Smithsonian. Her research includes interviews with Clement Greenberg, Irving Sandler, Jules Olitski, Richard Carylon, Annalee Newman and Helen Frankenthaler. She has presented at The South Eastern College Art Conference three times, was a Graduate Lecturer at the National Gallery of Art, co-curated numerous shows in Richmond and New York, as well as working with galleries in Richmond on exhibitions and projects. She has published numerous critical essays in art publications including New Art Examiner and Art Papers. Currently, she is working with the archives of Davi Det Hompson’s estate and Virginia Commonwealth University to create a monograph on the artist, and writing an article on his relationship with Fluxus Mail Art practices.

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