Lallon PondDirector of Academic Success for Baldwin Online and Adult Programs; and Associate Professor of Business Administration; BS, University of Georgia; MBA, Florida State University

I graduated from the University of Georgia with a BS in animal science, then earned my MBA from Florida State University. I also completed doctoral work at Florida State in finance, leaving ABD (all but dissertation). Unfortunately, it remains ABD to this day (and that was a long time ago…).

I have been happily employed at Mary Baldwin University since the fall of 1992, initially serving in both the Residential College for Women (RCW) and the Baldwin Online and Adult Programs (Baldwin Online and Adult Programs).

I particularly enjoy my collaborations with adult and young women students in furthering their understanding of numbers. Being conversant in the language of numbers gives us the ability to be critical readers of statistical information and to more fully analyze the financial health of business entities. I am very excited by the sustainability focus of the business discipline. We will be helping the future leaders of our country evaluate the health and well-being of the economy in a more holistic way and with a longer-term perspective than is currently the case. In this capacity, I hope that our department, as well as our college, helps the students we work with to see the world as a place in which they make a difference every day.

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