Rachel Potterrpotter@marybaldwin.edu

Dean of the College of Education and Associate Professor of Education; BA, MAEd, College of William and Mary; EdD, University of Virginia

While pursuing secondary education (social studies) as an undergraduate at the College of William & Mary, Dr. Potter was fortunate enough to student teach in a school that placed high value on collaboration and inclusive practices. She was drawn to continue her education at William & Mary through a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction (special education). She completed the program and accepted a position as a special education teacher in the Shenandoah Valley. During that time, Dr. Potter found herself called to explore coursework in leadership and supervision, moving into administrative and supervisory roles at both the central office and school level. Upon completion of her doctorate from the University of Virginia, she accepted a position as a principal of a juvenile detention facility in central Virginia. She began to teach part-time for Mary Baldwin University as well, moving into a full-time administrative role in 2011. In 2013, Dr. Potter became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, and is licensed by the Virginia Board of Medicine to practice in that field.

Dr. Potter is a passionate advocate for public education, and enjoys examining how our College of Education effectively shapes the next generation of inquiry-minded practitioners. She has a particular interest in preparing students to work with diverse populations of varying experiences, abilities, and interests. Her research and professional development activities center mostly around topics related to Autism and Applied Behavior Analysis.

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