By age 18, Kathy Lien ’98 had kickstarted her education in Mary Baldwin’s Program for the Exceptionally Gifted, completed her degree at NYU’s Leonard Stern School of Business, and landed a position at JPMorgan Chase alongside older graduates from top-tier institutions such as Harvard, Stanford, and Yale.

“[PEG] played a big role in my life, it gave me an edge,” said Lien. “Employers were intrigued, and they were looking for someone who didn’t fit the mold.”

Today, Lien is one of the world’s leading experts on international currencies, trading, and global foreign exchange. She makes regular appearances on CNBC in the United States, Asia, and Europe and is quoted in The Wall Street Journal, Associated Press, Reuters, and The Daily Telegraph, among other major news outlets.  As co-founder of and managing director of FX strategy for BK Asset Management, she writes commentary about where foreign currency markets are headed and travels to teach others how to trade currency.

“Opportunities come to my desk every day,” she said.


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