It started as an ordinary night out with girlfriends. Lolita Healy and her friends kicked back and ordered cocktails, but when the drinks arrived, Burks thought something was missing; the glasses needed color, style, and personality to match the women sipping from them. Almost immediately, she started transforming plain glassware into mini works of art for friends and family. That was 2001.

Today, Designs by Lolita is a multi-million-dollar brand with products that are instantly recognizable in thousands of stores in the U.S., Australia, and Europe. Healy divides her time between a studio in Providence, Rhode Island, and headquarters in Savannah, Georgia, and her products are manufactured in dozens of facilities, but they retain a unique, handmade feel.

Pairing her artistic inclination with a savvy eye on the business world, Healy translated her Mary Baldwin degree in fine arts and marketing communication into successful positions at Christian Dior and Donna Karan New York. That experience with big-name designers proved invaluable when she set out to license and market her own products. Healy continues to draw on her education and early career, developing new designs and products based fashion and consumer trends, and always imagining an individual buyer looking over her shoulder.

Between launching new lines of beachware, aprons, and acrylic drinkware; interviews for magazines such as Boston Women’s Business; and appearances on regional and national television, it would be easy to lose sight of how things started. Her trademarked tagline, “What is your moment?” brings her back to her foundation. It is reflected in her book, Martini Moments, and served as the theme for her 2010 Founders Day address at Mary Baldwin.

Part of that foundation is her passion for her family and for mentoring other entrepreneurs and businesswomen through the Women’s Leadership Exchange, an organization that recognizes the unique challenges that face women in leadership and offers a network of successful female role models. As the mother of two girls, she is committed to empowering women to achieve balance between career and family.



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