betsy-suBetsey Suchanic ’16 lived the philosophy of “doing well by doing good” long before she learned that the phrase had been popularized by a growing breed of businesses to describe their environmentally and socially conscious missions.

“I’ve never just been motivated by the bottom line,” says Suchanic. “I’m interested in creating a positive change. Business can be harnessed to generate profits, while also having a powerful impact on the world.”

As director of business support for the Staunton Creative Community Fund (SCCF) — an organization that supports small business start-ups — Suchanic enjoys her eagle’s-eye view of the power businesses have to build communities.

The alumna from just outside Philadelphia began exploring social entrepreneurship and the role of non-profits early at MBU. An ecotourism internship with a non-profit company in Ecuador, consulting work for the Peace Corps, and leading a team of students in organizing an event to encourage local economic growth called Innovate Live! helped her land a position at SCCF even before earning her degree in marketing and communication and graphic design in May 2016.

Suchanic said that key to education and career path were Mary Baldwin professors who knew her well enough to connect her with the people and opportunities that genuinely interested her, such as the Sullivan Foundation and SCCF. She is eager to contribute to MBU’s new Master of Business Administration degree focused on for-benefit business strategies and the fast-track program for women entrepreneurs, both of which will launch in fall 2017.

“Entrepreneurship is not just for MBAs, Ivy League graduates, and individuals who can always find another six-figure job. I want to live in a world where anyone, truly anyone, can explore entrepreneurship and even fail without the fear of being ruined,” she recently wrote on the SCCF blog.

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