Chiropractic Medicine

Interested in a Career in Chiropractic Medicine?

Entry into a chiropractic school requires that you take the courses shown in the table below.

English (6 hrs.) ENG 102 and ENG XXX
Biology with labs (8 hrs.) BIOL 111-112
General chemistry with labs (8 hrs.) CHEM 121-122
Organic chemistry with labs (8 hrs.) CHEM 221-222
General physics with labs (8 hrs.) PHY 201-202
Calculus (6 hrs.) MATH 211 or 212 (concurrently with physics)

Students are encouraged to take as many courses as possible to reflect a liberal, but targeted education with the following biomedical-related courses as a guide:

  • BIOL 264 (Human Anatomy and Physiology I) – strongly recommended
  • BIOL 264 (Human Anatomy and Physiology II) – strongly recommended
  • BIOL 324 (Biochemistry I) – can replace second semester or Organic Chemistry
  • BIOL 326 – Experimental Biochemistry (should accompany BIOL 324)
  • MATH 213 (Statistics) – can be substituted for second semester of Physics


Most chiropractic schools do not require an admissions test. Usually two letters of recommendation are requested by chiropractic schools. By the end of the summer before your senior year you should be ready to submit the application, letters of reference, and official transcripts to the colleges of your choice. There may be supplemental requirements for specific schools, so please check each school’s requirements carefully.