Interested in a Career in Pharmacy?

Unlike many other professional schools, pharmacy programs will allow you to apply as early as your sophomore year, and then transfer as a first-year pharmacy student for your junior year. The entire Doctor of Pharmacy Program is a six-year course of study. Therefore, you must pay particular attention to the prerequisites so that they are taken prior to application. Since acceptance is not guaranteed, you also should be working towards a major. If you aren’t accepted to pharmacy school, then you must be prepared to continue with your major work and apply again the following year. You should accumulate as many experiential hours in a pharmacy as possible prior to application.

Entry into a pharmacy school requires that you take the courses shown in the table below. By the fall semester of your sophomore year you should collect applications for the schools of interest and begin their completion. By the end of the semester you should have submitted your application and letters of recommendation.

English (6 hrs.) ENG 102 and ENG XXX
Calculus (3 hrs.) MATH 211
Statistics (3 hrs.) PSYC 250
General chemistry with labs (8 hrs.) CHEM 121-122
Organic chemistry with labs (8 hrs.) CHEM 221-222
General biology with lab (8 hrs.) BIOL 111-112
Human anatomy and physiology with lab (8 hrs.) BIOL 264-265
Microbiology with lab (4 hrs.) BIOL 255, 256L
General physics with lab (4 hrs.) PHYS 201
Public Speaking (3 hrs.) COMM 100
Electives Meet school admissions requirements

Taking the courses shown above will satisfy the pre-pharmacy prerequisites for many pharmacy schools. However it is imperative that you check with specific schools for individual admissions requirements as they can vary greatly. Some schools require a year of a foreign language and more social science courses.

In addition, most schools require completion of the Pharmacy College Admission Test (again, be sure to check the requirements of your schools). Applications to take the test can be obtained online or by contacting:

Harcourt Assessment, Inc.
PSE Customer Relations — PCAT
19500 Bulverde Road
San Antonio, TX 78259