Certificate in Leadership Studies

Twenty-one semester hours (7 courses) are required for this certificate comprising 9 hours of core, 3 hours of communication, and 9 hours of requirements in your choice of a track. Up to nine hours (3 courses) may be transferred in from other institutions or completed by prior learning portfolio. You will need to have at least a 2.0 ā€œCā€ average in recent college work to be eligible.

Courses are available online, in small classes at your local Mary Baldwin regional center, on campus in Staunton in traditional formats, or by independent study. You will need to complete all coursework with a grade of C- or better. Upon completion of the program, you receive a Certificate in Leadership Studies and a special designation on your transcript.


  • INT/POLS 230, History and Theories of Leadership
  • INT 330/331, The Practice of Leadership Seminar
  • PHIL 235, Ethics, Community, and Leadership

COMMUNICATION REQUIREMENT (3 hours; choose one course):

  • COMM 100, Public Speaking
  • COMM 280, Intercultural Communication
  • REL 237, Mediation: Theory and Practice

BUSINESS TRACK (9 hours; choose three courses):

  • BUAD 200, Management Principles
  • BUAD 202, Organizational Behavior & Interpersonal Communication
  • BUAD 250, The Female Executive: Strategies in the Workplace
  • BUAD 287/387, Business Internship

COMMUNITY & SOCIAL CHANGE TRACK (9 hours; choose three courses):

  • CE 271, Semester of Service Practicum
  • CE 281, Civic Leadership & Social Entrepreneurism
  • ECON 215, Poverty, Inequality, and Welfare
  • HCA 245, Health Care Policy, Politics, & Law
  • PHIL 320, Peacemaking: Gandhi & Nonviolence
  • REL 221, Christian Faith, Peace, and Justice
  • SGS 261, Sexual Minorities
  • SOC 112, Social Problems
  • SOC 240, Community and Urban Sociology
  • SOC 248, Social Inequality
  • SOWK 353, Social Work & Diverse Populations


Note: Only available to VWIL cadets seeking commission

  • ROTC 3XX, Aerospace Studies/Military Science/Naval Science
  • ROTC 4XX, Aerospace Studies/Military Science/Naval Science
  • INT 287/387, Internship