Certificate in Long Term Care Administration

Twenty-nine semester hours are required for this certificate.  Twenty-one semester hours of coursework (7 courses) plus a 400-hour supervised internship (eight semester hours) are required. Up to nine semester hours (3 courses) may be transferred from other colleges or completed by prior learning portfolio. This certificate is available to any individual interested in gaining knowledge and skill in the field of long term care.

However, if one is interested in becoming a licensed long term care administrator in the State of Virginia, there are certain requirements to be aware of as you proceed toward taking the licensing exam.

There are three ways to become eligible to sit for the nursing home administrator’s licensing exam in Virginia:

  1. one must have a Bachelor’s degree in Health Care Administration with a 320-hour internship under an approved preceptor,
  2. or do an Administrator-in-Training (AIT) Program,
  3. or obtain a Certificate in Long Term Care Administration coupled with a non-Health Care Administration Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution.

This Certificate program qualifies you to sit for the Virginia state licensing exam under the third option.

Courses are available on-line, in group tutorial formats at your local Mary Baldwin center, on campus in Staunton through traditional classroom mode, or by independent study. You will need to complete all coursework with a grade of C- or better.

Upon completion of the program you receive a certificate in Long Term Care Administration and a special designation on your transcript.


  • HCA 101, Introduction to Health Care Administration
  • INT 222, Social Sciences Statistics
  • HCA/PHIL 230, Medical and Health Care Ethics
  • HCA 240, Long-Term Care Administration
  • HCA/BIOL 261, Epidemiology
  • HCA 310, Health Care Strategic Management
  • HCA/ECON 320, Economics and Finance of Health Care Systems
  • HCA 387, Internship (must include at least 400 hours under supervision of a preceptor approved by the Virginia Board of Nursing Home Administrators) – taken after all other coursework is completed.


For 2015-16, the cost of the program is $450 per credit hour.  In addition, you will incur a per semester technology  fee of  $58.  The cost of books will vary.  You should estimate approximately $100 per class.