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The creative writing minor allows students to pursue an interest in imaginative writing through a combination of courses in writing and literature. Whereas most academic areas tend to emphasize analysis, creative writing courses emphasize the process of synthesis: conceiving, crafting, and revising original literary works through a synthesis of personal memory and perception, playful exploration, and purposeful revision.

Why study creative writing Mary Baldwin University?

  • A liberal arts college may be an ideal environment to study and practice creative writing in a context that is both serious and supportive, a place where art is valued as a tradition, a discipline, and a personal expression of what it means to be a thinking, feeling human being.
  • The creative writing minor supports — and is supported by — Mary Baldwin’s emphasis on writing skill as a critical component of being an educated person of the 21st millennium.
  • Creative writing courses here are taught by experienced and dedicated teachers who are themselves practicing and well-published writers within the genre they teach.
  • Mary Baldwin student writers are encouraged to submit their work — and/or work on the editorial staff — of the campus literary magazine, Outrageous Fortune.
  • The creative writing minor is sponsored by the Department of English and therefore shares the department’s long-standing dedication to fostering careful habits of reading and thoughtful, clear, and sophisticated modes of writing.
  • Creative writing courses offer an effective way to learn how literature “works” by experiencing first-hand the challenges, choices, and rewards of embodying certain ideas and effects through the medium of language and the structure of literary forms.
  • The minor is structured so that students experience this process in at least two genres with advanced work in at least one. The 200-level courses the Crafting of Fiction and the Crafting of Poetry emphasize invention, process, and elements of literary craft; 300-level courses feature peer workshops.

Outrageous Fortune: Mary Baldwin’s online literary magazine

Poet Cornelius Eady, Mary Baldwin Doenges Fellow 2008-09

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