Faculty at Mary Baldwin University

Mary Baldwin University faculty members are the key to our students' success. In addition to inspiring students to achieve more than they thought possible, professors are leading researchers, published authors, professional artists, and sought-after experts in their fields.

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Alice Waddell
Allison L. Ellington
Amy McCormick Diduch
Ann Tuzson
Bess Maxwell
Beth Easterling
Carolyn Moore
Catherine Ferris McPherson
David Paulk
Drew Gogian
Edmund D. Potter
Emily Ely
Jenna Holt
Joseph Sprangel Jr.
Kai Kennedy
Katherine Turner
Kathy McCleaf
Kerry Mills
Kimberly Craig
Lallon G. Pond
Lisa A. Burns
Lisa D. Shoaf
Lise Keiter
Marty Fontenot
Mary Jane Epps
Nadine Gergel-Hackett
Pamela R. H. Bailey
Pamela Stephenson
Paul D. Deeble
Paul D. Menzer
Rachel Potter
Roderic L. Owen
Stephanie Sebolt