Health Sciences

Combine courses in biology, psychology, health care administration, statistics, and social sciences for outstanding preparation to pursue some of the fastest-growing careers in the country. Apply Today
Mary Baldwin’s health sciences major provides students with an understanding of human health as a complex cultural, biological, psychological, and social dynamic. This major prepares students for graduate work in the health sciences and employment in health care fields such as public health, governmental and community agencies, hospitals, the pharmaceutical and insurance industries, research, and more.

The health sciences major creates a clear pathway to graduate studies in physical therapy, occupational therapy, and physician assistant — all offered at Mary Baldwin’s Murphy Deming College of Health Sciences — as well as preparing students for dozens of other health-related graduate programs and professions.

Students can pursue a BA or a BS with a major in health sciences. There is also a competitive early admissions option for Mary Baldwin juniors who wish to secure a place in one of the Murphy Deming graduate programs upon graduation.

Complete your health sciences degree online.

Our health sciences degree can be completed online through the university’s innovative Baldwin Online and Adult Programs.* Just like in-person classes, the Blackboard-interface program emphasizes the development of strong conceptual skills in tandem with practical applications. MBU helps you fast-track your path to a health sciences degree with the opportunity to transfer up to 36 credits (12 courses) through direct course equivalents from the Virginia Community Colleges System.

Students preparing for graduate school may require additional science lab prerequisite coursework that are not offered online, but may be taken at the Staunton campus or transferred from another institution. See the health sciences major tracks (below) or contact for more information.

A competitive early admissions option exists for juniors in the undergraduate program to gain admission in to one of the Murphy Deming College of Health Sciences graduate program upon graduation.

*Lab science courses are not offered online at this time (Principles of Biology, Anatomy & Physiology I and II, and any lab-based elective courses with the major). These can be taken at the Staunton campus or transferred from another institution.

Why study health sciences at Mary Baldwin University?

  • The health sciences major is interdisciplinary. Students take courses in biology, psychology, and health care administration, and can choose for electives in the natural and social sciences
  • Students can fulfill prerequisites for most graduate programs in public health or clinical professions (i.e. medicine, physician assistant, physical therapy, occupational therapy, pharmacy, dentistry, or optometry).
  • The major can also prepares students for non-clinical positions in health care fields.
  • The major includes a rigorous capstone/senior project that challenges students to think like health professionals.
  • There is also a competitive early admissions option for students graduating from Mary Baldwin to gain admission into one of the Murphy Deming graduate programs. Students apply during their junior year.
It’s exciting to see where your undergraduate major can lead you in life. The listing below offers examples of possible career paths related to this major; it is not meant to be comprehensive. Please keep in mind that some fields require graduate study or further education.

  • Non-clinical specializations can include:
    • Healthcare Management
    • Community Health Education
    • Environmental Health
    • Insurance Industry
    • Admissions Coordinator
    • Healthcare Recruiter
    • Health Advocate
    • Medical Sales
    • Research

    Clinical specializations (that require advanced degrees or training) can include:

    • Physician
    • Physician Assistant
    • Physical Therapist
    • Occupational Therapist
    • Pharmacist
    • Dentist
    • Recreational Therapist
    • Veterinarian

Interested in Health Sciences at Mary Baldwin University?

Jennifer HancockContact Dr. Jennifer Hancock, assistant professor of health sciences
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Jasleen Kaler ’17

“What I love about occupational therapy (OT) is that it allows me to help people ways that enable them,” said Jasleen Kaler, a second-year Murphy Deming College of Health Sciences (MDCHS) graduate student from Marysville WA. “It is the perfect combination of my...
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