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Leadership Studies is a multidisciplinary minor combining theoretical and applied coursework in a variety of organizational contents. The Business emphasis is designed for students who are entrepreneurs, future heads of non-profits, and organization leaders. The emphasis on Community and Social Change is for motivated students in any field who are interested in social action and increasing their sense that individual intervention in community action is possible and consequential. The military leadership emphasis is for VWIL students who will commission into one of the armed services.

Leadership studies classes combine theory with practice, giving students both the tools and the confidence to learn to lead. Students choose courses from many disciplines to examine topics such as ethics, organizational behavior, and gender issues in leadership. Required for students in the Virginia Women’s Institute for Leaders, leadership studies is open to all students.

Leadership studies is available as a minor with three areas of emphasis: Military Leadership, Community and Social Change, and Business.

Why leadership studies at Mary Baldwin University?

You may want to know why things happen and what role people play in events of all kinds — local and global. You may want to be one of those people who make things happen and take the initiative to lead as well as to follow. Leadership studies provides tools to examine people in action — in government, business, the military, the community, and social groupings of all kinds.

Leadership studies combines theory and practice; students engaged in the discipline understand what leadership is and how effective leadership is practiced in groups, institutions, and nations. With a minor in leadership studies students will:

  • understand the role of leadership in contemporary politics and business
  • appreciate the complexity of making change in social systems
  • use the tools of the social sciences to learn about leadership from historic records and from current events
  • assess the performance of self and others in influencing action
  • acquire skills in communication and the interpersonal dimensions of leadership
  • consider how leaders make decisions and consider ethical questions
  • gain confidence as a leader

In practical terms, leadership studies is an asset in seeking employment.

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