Resources for Political Science Students

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Resources for Political Science Students

News sources:

  • Al Jazeera (Qatar). English language version of Middle East’s most influential independent news source.
  • British Broadcast Corporation, BBC, offers daily news as text, video and in 43 languages.
  • Christian Science Monitor is the free daily online edition of the respected newspaper; web archives are searchable from 1980 onward, but require paying a fee to read the articles found.
  • CNN World News presents print and audio versions of up-to-the-minute news stories on all major world regions, and on U.S. foreign policy.
  • Economist Online contains the full text of the influential British news weekly. Excellent coverage of British politics and world affairs; searchable archives of articles from 1995 onward.
  • Euro News service contains text and video news from the European continent; covers the whole world.
  • I.T.N., independent television news service, from London U.K.
  • Jerusalem Post : extensive news and editorial commentary from Israel.
  • Los Angeles Times provides national, international and California news from America’s second largest city. News stories within two weeks are free; older archived articles require paying a fee.
  • New York Times Full text of the most current issue of the paper is presented, but the site requires users to register to access the archives.
  • PBS Newshour provides transcripts of its recent television broadcasts, and searchable archives of past programs.
  • Time Magazine Daily is a continuously updated version of the popular news weekly. Includes searchable archives of the U.S. edition (since 1994), and of the international edition (since 1995).
  • US News and World Report Daily also offers the views of this national newsmagazine in an online form. Searchable archives permit searches from 1997 to the present.
  • Washington Post is the Online version of the daily paper. The website supports searches of the archives back to 1977. Readers may read for free, but must pay a fee to download whole articles older than two weeks.

Specialized Tools for Studying U.S. Politics and U.S. Foreign policy:

Journals of Opinion:

  • American Spectator since 1977 has been the journal of conservative R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. and others.
  • Commentary, the conservative and Jewish monthly, offers a portion of the print version online, and archives of past issues from August 1996 onward.
  • The Nation magazine. Published since 1865, The Nation articulates a leftist perspective on national and international affairs.
  • National Review is “America’s Conservative Magazine.” Full text of a small number of articles from the print version of the magazine are provided.
  • New Democrats Online presents the views of the moderate Democratic Leadership Council.
  • The New Republic includes full text of the current edition and archives of America’s most influential weekly journal of moderate opinion. Registration required.
  • The Weekly Standard presents analysis of news and politics from a mainstream Republican perspective.

Public Opinion Research Tools:

  • Gallup Poll provides polls of Americans’ views, and provides selected foreign nations’ polls.
  • PIPA, the Program on International Policy Attitudes at the University of Maryland issues numerous useful studies on Americans’ views of world problems.
  • The PEW Center for the People and the Press. Provides extensive original polls and analysis thereof; both U.S. publics and foreign publics are surveyed.
  • Roper Center provides additional current polls and archives which are searchable back a half century and more.

Resources on human rights conditions:

Other Resources on International Problems:

  • Bertelsmann Stiftung Transformation Index: Yearly comparative rankings of world states regarding political freedoms and economic performance indicators from authoritative German think tank; also provides country reports on many nations.
  • International Atomic Energy Agency (I.A.E.A.) monitors and reports for the U.N. on compliance of states with their obligations under the Non-Proliferation Treaty (N.P.T.), which bars non-peaceful uses of nuclear energy.
  • The Coalition for an International Criminal Court, a private NGO, presents information related to the U.N.’s process of creating a permanent criminal court for war crimes.
  • Jane’s from London offers information and analysis about the military forces of the states of the world, and other valuable resources useful in assessing states’ power and related issues. Requires subscription to access full text of some reports.
  • Latin America: Political Database at Georgetown University provides links to journals, archives and data bases on the Americas. Primary documents and reference materials are provided. Detailed information by country on constitutions and legal systems, elections, political parties, civil society, political institutions and more.
  • Latin American Information Center at University of Texas provides vast searchable resources on all countries in the Americas. Documents in English and Spanish, plus some Portuguese. Links organized by country, and by topic (e.g., government, military, human rights, political science, media, social sciences, and much more).
  • The Library of Congress’ Country Studies, a collection of analytical portraits of the world’s states, are available here. Inconsistencies in collection mar its utility: e.g., the Iraq study was done in 1988; the Afghanistan one was done in 1997).
  • National Security Archive, a private archive at George Washington University, provides declassified secret documents on U.S. foreign policy, and some analysis of the documents exhibited.
  • North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) supplies information on the key U.S. alliance, and on ongoing projects such as the SFOR mission in Bosnia and the KFOR mission in Kosovo . Searchable.
  • Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe is the official international organization of nearly all European and former Soviet states. Provides official reports of observer missions sent to assess electoral processes and many irregularly issued documents on varied human rights concerns. Most resources available are full text.
  • Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty offers daily news coverage of the Balkans, Central Europe, Russia and the states of the former Soviet Union. Searchable and well organized archives from 1997 (and earlier archives¬†include all Daily Reports since 1991); live audio news is focused on needs of non-English speakers.
  • United Nations Homepage leads to many interesting sites, including the UNSCOM project (to 1999) to verify destruction of Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction and chronology of that process. Includes links to U.N. Security Council Resolutions on Iraq, but only to December 1999.
  • War Crimes Tribunal (I.C.T.Y.) : This official site of the U.N.’s International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia chronicles pending and completed trials for war crimes from the court in The Hague (Netherlands).

Political Science Research Journals

  • Foreign Affairs provides full text of some current and archived articles, summaries of others.
  • Foreign Policy provides abstracts and some full text articles; archives posted since 1997.
  • Governing is the online, full text version of the journal focused on state and local government, politics, and administration.
  • Political Science Quarterly offers a few full text articles and reviews on both American and comparative / international politics.
  • World Politics provides only abstracts of recent articles.

Leadership Studies Journals:


Sites for Studying Women in U.S. Politics:

Sites for Studying U.S. Public Law and Constitutional Law