Transcript Request Procedures

There are three ways you may request a transcript:

  • Through Transcripts on Demand:  This is the recommended method for any student who attended Mary Baldwin since September 1990. Making your request through Transcripts on Demand, you will have the option of paying with a credit card as well as various delivery options, including electronic delivery.  Transcripts requested through Transcripts on Demand are typically processed within 1 to 3 business days.  This ordering method will offer the fastest turnaround time.  You will be asked to complete a consent form and fax or email it to Transcripts on Demand, which might add a day or two to the request turnaround time. This is only requested when you initially set up your account or when information on our account changes.  Click here to order through Transcripts on Demand.
  • In person:  You can visit the Office of the Registrar located on the third floor of Wenger Hall.  You may pay for your transcript with cash, check, or money order.  We no longer accept credit card payment in the office.  In person requests are for paper transcripts for pick up in office or mailed US postal mail only.
  • By mail:  You can use the transcript request form and mail your request with check or money order.  Turnaround time for requests received by mail is 7 to 10 business days.  Mail requests are for paper transcripts delivered by US postal mail only.

All work attempted (undergraduate and graduate) is included on your transcript.

Be aware that final grades are posted on transcripts about one week after a term ends and degrees are posted on conferral date.  Please be sure to check your unofficial transcript on MyMBU BEFORE ordering a transcript to verify final grades or degree have posted.  We do not hold transcript requests and your request will be processed as soon as it placed.

We do not accept transcript requests by fax or email.  Requests received by fax or email will not be processed.

If you attended Mary Baldwin prior to September 1990, please use the Transcript Request Form to order.  We are unable to provide online ordering or electronic delivery for coursework taken prior to September 1990.

Mary Baldwin Alumni:  If you have ever attended Mary Baldwin, you do not need to request a Mary Baldwin transcript if you are applying for a Mary Baldwin graduate program. Mary Baldwin’s graduate programs will be responsible for obtaining that academic record (at no cost to you).  In the case that you do request your official transcript from Mary Baldwin, your money will not be refunded. 

Scholarship purposes:  If you are a current Mary Baldwin student and require a transcript for Scholarship purposes, order by mail or in office.  There is no charge to you for transcripts sent for Scholarships.  In the case that you do request your official transcript through Transcripts on Demand, your money will not be refunded.

Transcript Formats

We can provide official transcripts in these formats:

  • Electronic (secure PDF) format delivered to any email address or to any school on the eScrip-Safe Network. We can produce PDF transcripts faster than paper transcripts and sending a PDF transcript eliminates mailing time. (Check the list to see if your recipient is a PDF receiver.) Please note that we cannot produce PDF transcripts for students who attended prior to September 1990.
  • Paper format printed on security paper. These will be sealed and have the University Registrar’s signature.
  • Unofficial Transcripts are available to current students at no cost through MyMBU.  This transcript may be printed but is still considered unofficial.  Unofficial transcripts are not provided by the Office of the Registrar.

Other Important Information

Holds: If you have a ‘hold’ on your account, a transcript may not be processed. Please check for any holds through MyMBU or contact Student Accounts.  Holds include but are not limited to:

  • Financial obligation to the College
  • Failure to complete an exit interview for Student/Perkins Loan borrowers
  • Default of institutional, state, or federal loan

Inclement Weather or University Holidays:  Transcript requests, whether traditional or expedited, will be delayed until the next working business day.  Please consult the University website for holiday schedules and inclement weather notices.

Questions regarding the content in this portion of the website? Please contact: Registrar’s Office