Admissions Contacts


Main Phone: 540-887-7019
Toll-Free: 800-468-2262
Fax: 540-887-7292

Undergraduate Admissions Counselors

amber-2016 Amber Wilkins

Interim Director of Admissions
Admissions Coordinator for Early College
Hometown: Chesapeake, Virginia
Undergraduate Major: Communications
Favorite Staunton restaurant: Mill Street Grill
Recruitment Areas: Local, Transfers, Tennessee, West Virginia, Program for the Exceptionally Gifted
 allyson-umali-2016 Allyson Umali
Senior Admissions Counselor

Hometown: Jersey City, New Jersey
Undergraduate Major: Comparative Ethnic Studies
Favorite Staunton restaurant: Gloria’s Pupuseria
Recruitment areas: Delaware, Georgia, Florida, International and Exchange
amanda-johnson Amanda Johnson
Admissions Counselor

Hometown: Sedley, Virginia
Undergraduate Major: English
Favorite Staunton Restaurant: Maria’s
Recruitment areas: Homeschool, Southwest & Southside Virginia and North Carolina
alexis-quinn Alexis Quinn
Admissions Counselor

Hometown: Indiana, Pennsylvania
Undergraduate Major: English with a concentration in language development
Favorite Staunton Restaurant: Byers Street Bistro
Recruitment areas: Maryland, District of Columbia, Richmond, Pennsylvania and California
Alexis “Alex” Rodriguez
Admissions Counselor
Hometown: Bayamon, Puerto Rico
Undergraduate Major: Exercise Science
Graduate Program: Exercise Science
Favorite Staunton Restaurant: Shenandoah Pizza
Recruitment Areas: Hampton Roads VA, Texas, Kentucky
Lindsey Simmons
Admissions Counselor
Hometown: Mount Solon, VA
Undergraduate Major: Psychology
Favorite Staunton Restaurant: Newtown Baking
Recruitment area: University College

Support Staff 

Ashley Buchanan Ashley Buchanan
Director of Operations – Baldwin Online and Adult Programs Admissions
allison_2015 Allison Burch
Assistant Director of Admissions Operations

mary-barker Mary Barker
Welcome Center Coordinator

Hometown: Waynesboro, VA
Favorite Staunton restaurant: Shenandoah Pizza