Office of Accounting Services

Accounting Services

Mission Statement

The mission of Accounting Services within Mary Baldwin University is
to provide timely, accurate, relevant and meaningful financial information
and advice to the College community to support management decision-making,
and to demonstrate fiscal responsibility, accountability and regulatory
compliance to the College’s constituents. The office promotes the
efficient use and stewardship of College resources and compliance
with laws, regulations and reporting requirements through technical
financial and analytical skills, and expertise in accounting knowledge.

As we strive to achieve this mission, Accounting Services will:

  • adhere to the highest professional and ethical standards in
    all our dealings;
  • exercise honesty, diligence, and objectivity in all our activities;
  • safeguard the integrity of confidential or proprietary information
    entrusted to us;
  • treat everyone with courtesy, respect, and understanding;
  • encourage our employees to grow in knowledge and experience;
  • use technology and knowledge to constantly improve the quality
    of our work

Accounting Services Staff:

Jessie Moyers
540-887-7376 – Phone
540-887-7178 – Fax

Sue Armstrong
Accounts Payable Administrator
540-887-7369 – Phone
540-887-7178 – Fax