Admission Requirements

Mary Baldwin’s MBA coursework is designed with similar rigor to other MBA degrees, but it is intended to be accessible to those with business and non-business undergraduate degrees. Prospective students will be evaluated from a holistic perspective and the following admissions criteria will be taken into consideration:

General Requirements for Admission:

Exceptions made on a case-by-case basis.

Bachelor’s degree: If the degree is not in business, accounting, or an approved business-related field, the applicant will take an exam to evaluate his or her level of business knowledge. Based on exam results, applicants may be required to take one or more pre-MBA module courses offered at MBU.

GPA: Minimum standard of 3.0; consideration given for work experience and/or other degree work

Work experience: Preferred, but not required. Prospective students should submit a resumé to have work experience taken into account as part of an overall application.

Essay: A short written essay is required to evaluate an applicant’s level of interest in the program and writing capability.

Interview: Individual interviews may be requested by the review committee.

* Conditional Acceptance: Students interested in taking one or two courses may do so without completing the formal admissions process. This option can be used by those with a particular interest in a specific offering or whose previous degree work does not meet the admissions requirements. After completion of selected courses, students may apply for full admission to the MBA program.