Amy Tillerson-Brown, coordinator

Requirements for the Minor in African American Studies

21 semester hours
PHIL 232
REL 232
HIST 265
HIST 266
ENG 364
Two of the following: MUS 151, HIST 213, ECON 215, HIST 267, HIST 365, SOC 240, SOC 248, THEA 270, SOC 264, or any colloquium related to African American Studies and approved by the director of the minor.

Civic Engagement Opportunities

  • For-course credit internship opportunities that include local archival and oral history projects.
  • Various community and campus-wide programming that includes Black Baby Doll Day; Martin Luther King Jr. Candlelight March and Memorial Service; and Kwanzaa and Black History Month programs.

Quest: A spiritual exploration program available to all students that includes a significant civic engagement component.