Asian Studies

  • Amy Miller, coordinator of Asian Studies program
    Daniel Metraux, Seung Hee Han

    Asian Studies is an interdisciplinary major that emphasizes broad cultural, political, economic, and historical perspectives of Asia. Varied courses in related disciplines allow students to understand Asia as a part of the emerging global community. Students are strongly encouraged to participate in the college’s programs at Doshisha Women’s College in Kyoto, Japan for a semester each fall or for a semester or more at Soka University or at Kansai Gaidai in Japan; Sungshin Women’s University in Seoul, South Korea; National Chengchi University in Taiwan; or at another recognized institution in Asia. With prior approval, language and Asian Studies courses taken abroad may be included in the minor.

  • Requirements for the Minor in Asian Studies

    18 semester hours
    AS 106: Asian Civilizations or AS/REL 212: Asian Religions
    15 additional semester hours of Asian Studies courses from among those listed below (Or 12 additional s.h. if both AS 106 and AS 212 are completed):

    • JPNS 201, 202: Up to 8 credits for Japanese language. *Prerequisite: JPNS 101, 102.
    • AS 246 Modern Japan
    • AS 247 Modern India
    • AS 251 Gender in Asian Cultures
    • AS 253 China in the Developing World
    • AS 270 Australia: A Cultural History (online only)
    • AS 275 Buddhism
    • AS 278 Hinduism
    • AS 320/PHIL 320 Peacemaking: Gandhi and Non-violence

    Courses taken in a recognized college in Asia may count towards the Asian Studies Minor. In addition, with prior approval, students may also earn up to 6 s.h. at an internship in Japan or elsewhere in Asia.

    Recommended: Not more than 6 s.h. earned in one of the following three activities:

    • An internship in Japan or elsewhere in Asia
    • An internship with an Asian company/organization in the United States
  • Civic Engagement Opportunities

    • English Conversation Partners — student volunteers are paired with Mary Baldwin international students to help them with spoken English
    • MBU Ambassadors — student volunteers assist with international student programming, particularly during student orientation.
    • Cosmos International Club — student organization

  • 106 Asian Civilizations (3 s.h.) (H, W)
    Introduces students to aspects of traditional and modern civilizations of Central, East, South, and Southeast Asia, with an emphasis on key moments of political and cultural change and transformation..

    212 Asian Religions (3 s.h.) (H)
    An introduction to the world views and ritual practices of the major living religious traditions of South, Southeast, and East Asia. Cross listed as REL 212.

    246 Modern Japan (3 s.h.) (I)
    A study of Japanese cultural, political and economic history from the 19th century. Preceded by a brief introduction to its early history.

    247 Modern India (3 s.h.) (I)
    An examination of the emergence of India as a modern nation, followed by a look at contemporary issues in India with roots in that history.

    251 Gender in Asian Cultures (3 s.h.) (G, W)
    A study of the changing social, cultural, religious, and economic roles of women in a variety of Asian cultures and historical contexts.

    253 China in the Developing World (3 s.h.) (I)
    Chinese political, economic, and cultural history from the 17th century to the present with an emphasis on 20th-century developments. Emphasis also on Taiwan.

    270 Australia: A Cultural History (3 s.h.) (I, W)
    Historical analysis of the cultural and sociological development of Australia as a modern nation. Topics include relations between native peoples and Europeans, evolution of a unique culture, and contemporary problems and prospects facing Australia today.

    275 Buddhism (3 s.h.) (H, W)
    An introduction to the diverse beliefs, practices, and traditions of Buddhism from their origins in India to their geographical and historical diffusion throughout Asia and beyond. Attention will also be given to Socially Engaged Buddhism. Cross listed as REL 275.

    278 Hinduism (3 s.h.) (H, W)
    An exploration of Hinduism’s diversity through a study of Hindu mythological and epic literature, sacred geography, ritual practices, and understandings of divinity. Cross listed as REL 278.

    287, 387 Internship (1–3 s.h.)
    An internship in Japan or elsewhere in Asia, or with an Asian-related company or organization in the United States.

    320 Peacemaking: Gandhi and Nonviolence (3 s.h.) (T, R)
    For course description, see PHIL 320 in the Philosophy listing.