Clinical Laboratory Science

Paul Deeble, coordinator

Clinical laboratory science is the allied health profession of those who perform the major laboratory diagnostic tests in hospitals, clinics, and research laboratories. Mary Baldwin University offers a major in clinical laboratory science in affiliation with local health care facilities such as Augusta Health Medical Center in Fishersville, RMH Medical Center , and Roanoke Memorial Hospital (Carilion). Students complete all Mary Baldwin graduation and requirements of the major on campus before beginning the clinical year at one of the affiliated schools. All partner hospitals are fully accredited, and their schools of clinical laboratory science are approved by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Science (NAACLS). Upon completion of all Mary Baldwin University graduation requirements, including requirements for this major and the clinical year, the student graduates with a bachelor’s degree from Mary Baldwin University and a major in clinical laboratory science. Like other health professionals, the student must not only complete the degree requirements but also must pass the National Registry Examination. While our affiliates have an excellent record in preparing their students for these exams, students should understand that completion of academic requirements does not guarantee certification.

Requirements for the Major in Clinical Laboratory Science

77–83 semester hours, including the clinical year
Either an emphasis in biology with seven courses in biology and five courses in chemistry, or an emphasis in chemistry with seven courses in chemistry including at least one 300-level chemistry course and five courses in biology, and in either case including the following courses:

BIOL 111
BIOL 255
BIOL 327
CHEM 121
CHEM 122
CHEM 221
CHEM 222
One course in mathematics
Successful completion of the clinical year
Additional courses to complete the first requirement, above, and the total semester hours

Note: Recommended courses: PHYS 201–202 and PSYC 250.

Clinical Laboratory Science Course Descriptions

386, 387 The Clinical Year (15 s.h., 18 s.h.)

The clinical year is a 12-month training period typically beginning in July, but varying among programs. Upon acceptance into a clinical training program, the student registers at Mary Baldwin University for CLS 386 (fall semester, 15 semester hours) and CLS 387 (spring semester, 18 semester hours). The clinical training program is conducted by an affiliated hospital; grading is only pass/no credit, and hospital officials are the sole arbiters of these grades.