Joe Sprangel and Robert Klonoski, coordinators

Management focuses on getting people together to accomplish desired goals. It includes the functions of planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling. It also encompasses the deployment and use of human resources, financial resources, technological resources, and natural resources. At Mary Baldwin, we approach this discipline with an eye towards creating a sustainable business culture while giving students a well-rounded view of basic management principles. A minor in Management will give students from across the college community the tools to see the business world in an entirely new way.

Requirements for the Minor in Management

Residential College and Baldwin Online and Adult Programs

18 semester hours
BUAD 200 Management Principles
BUAD 208 Accounting Principles

Plus two of the following:
BUAD 202 Organizational Behavior and Interpersonal Communication
BUAD 220 The Legal Environment of Business
BUAD 250 The Female Executive: Strategies in the Workplace
ECON 247 Global Labor Issues
INT 230 History and Theories of Leadership

Plus two of the following:
BUAD 302 Managing Human Resources
BUAD 305 Global Business
BUAD 306 The Entrepreneur
BUAD 350 Project Management for a Sustainable Impact
INT 330 Exploration of Leadership Development

Note: Students majoring in Business with an emphasis in sustainability and minoring in management need to select their courses carefully in order to avoid more than a two-course overlap between a major and minor.