• Dr. Brenci Patiño, Coordinator

    Students who take Spanish courses learn to speak, write, read, and understand the language. Literature, culture, history, art, and music enhance their learning experience. Students who participate in May Term in Latin America participate in a total immersion experience, giving them opportunities to further their knowledge of Spanish. Spanish courses provide the linguistic foundation to prepare students for a major or minor in Latin American Literatures and Cultures.

  • Minor Requirements

    Please see Latin American Literatures and Cultures


  • Civic and International Engagement Opportunities

    • May Term study abroad
    • Study and volunteer for a semester or a year in Latin America
    • Volunteer in non-profit organizations in the United States or abroad
    • Internships
    • Tutor Spanish-speaking community members
    • Interpreter for Spanish-speakers
  • 101, 102 Beginning Spanish (4 s.h. each) (F: both 101 and 102)
    An introductory course designed to teach the student the basics of Spanish language. The goal of this two-semester sequence is to develop basic proficiency in Spanish in the four skills: listening, speaking, writing, and reading. For students who have never studied Spanish before or have taken only one year of Spanish in high school. Students with more than two years of Spanish may NOT take Spanish 101 or 102.

    150 Spanish Abroad (3 s.h.) (F)
    Study Abroad. The student who is at an early stage of language study concentrates on the development of communication skills in everyday situations. Class conducted in Spanish.

    201, 202 Intermediate Spanish (4 s.h. each) (F: both 201 and 202)
    This two-semester sequence continues to develop the student’s proficiency in Spanish language, enabling students to communicate successfully in everyday situations. They will also build on their reading and writing skills. For students who have taken two or three years of Spanish in high school. Students with more than three years of Spanish may NOT take Spanish 201 or 202. *Prerequisite: SPAN 102 or equivalent.

    203 Advanced Grammar and Composition (3 s.h.) (I, W)
    Intensive grammar review and amplification of knowledge of grammatical principles enable the student to achieve greater accuracy and idiomatic flavor in the use of oral and written language. This course is designed to develop the student’s ability to write critical essays in Spanish while providing an advance review of grammar. Special attention is given to developing strategies for planning, developing, and organizing a scholarly writing assignment from the first to the final draft. *Prerequisite: SPAN 202 or equivalent.

    210 Advanced Spanish Abroad (3 s.h.) (I)
    Study Abroad. Intensive oral and grammar training designed to help the student achieve more sophisticated expression in Spanish, along with good pronunciation and intonation and a reasonable degree of speed. *Prerequisite: SPAN 202.

    215 Let’s Talk About Movies/Hablemos de Cine (3 s.h.) (I)
    A conversation course for students interested in improving their speaking and listening skills. We will watch a selection of Latin American and Spanish movies and discuss the language and cultural issues presented. The movies also provide an excellent example of natural language in context. Students will develop techniques for understanding oral language, will learn to identify different regional accents, and will acquire advanced-level speaking skill. *Prerequisite: SPAN 202.