Heather Macalister, program director

Women’s Studies is a minor program at Mary Baldwin University. Students wishing to major in women’s studies may talk to their advisors or the director about designing an independent major in women’s studies.

Requirements for the Minor in Women’s Studies

21 semester hours
WS 100
WS 200
At least three of the following:, ARTH 221, AS 251, BIOL/WS 252, BUAD 250, CJ 277M*, ENG 235, FILM 275, FREN 270, HCA 235, HIST 203, HIST 346, HPUB 300M*, LALC 246, MUS 218, MUS 318, POLS 209, PSYC 214, REL 231, SOC 225, THEA 219, WS 240, or WS 245
No more than two of the following: ECON 215, ECON 232, HIST 213, HIST 277, MUS 151, PSYC 210, PSYC 211, PSYC 311, REL 202, SOC 110, or THEA 115

*CJ277M: Girl Centered Initiatives; HPUB 300M: MBC History; other rotating topics courses and colloquia considered on individual basis.

Civic Engagement Opportunities

Co-curricular civic engagement opportunities are available to WS minors through a variety of women-focused community service organizations in the Staunton area. Students may also arrange service-based internships in the field. Consult the director or the Spencer Center for more information.

Women’s Studies Course Descriptions

100 Focus on Women: An Introduction to Women’s Studies (3 s.h.) (G)
Examines the interdisciplinary nature of the field as well as its applications in non-academic contexts. What are the aims of women’s studies and how are they put into practice?

200 Intermediate Women’s Studies (3 s.h.) (G)
Rotating interdisciplinary course in Women’s Studies focusing on feminist theory, scholarship and/or activism. Prerequisite: WS 100.

219 Women in American Theatre and Drama (3 s.h.) (G)
For course description, see THEA 219 in the Theatre listing.

240 Gender and Popular Culture (3 s.h.) (G, W)
This course explores the cultural and social meanings of gender, and the intersections of gender with race and class, as seen through American popular culture. It investigates the popular images and stories that shape gendered/sexual identities as well as a variety of theories and methods used in contemporary gender scholarship.

245 Gender and Sport (3 s.h.) (G)
For course description, see SGS 245 in the Sexuality and Gender Studies listing.

252 Biology of Women (3 s.h.) (G)
For course description, see BIOL 252 in the Biology listing.

277 Colloquium (credit varies)
A one-time only special course, offered on an occasional basis.

Note: Directed Inquiries, teaching assistantships, and internships in women’s studies can be arranged on an individual basis.