Requirements for Quest

Quest students have the option to attend meetings and activities as they fit into their schedules. However, those Quest students who meet the following requirements receive the honor of getting inducted into the Carpenter Society. Fulfilling these requirements are recommended for the student to get the most out of the Quest program.

ACADEMICS — You take the course REL 130: Faith, Life, and Service. You attend at least two Quest-sponsored events every semester. You attend at least one Quest retreat. You meet one-on-one with the chaplain at least once a year.

SPIRITUALITY — You enhance spiritual development by selecting a mentor — a person of exceptional judgment, maturity, and wisdom, whom you meet with individually. This mentoring relationship can also be with the chaplain. Quest meets the second Tuesday of every month. Food and fellowship are the standard fare at every Quest meeting. And throughout the year Quest hosts inspiring people from all walks of life who openly discuss their life choices and challenges.

COMMUNITY SERVICE — You perform at least 100 hours of community service, either during the academic year or during breaks from school or both. Community service schedules are planned with the chaplain to ensure that activities utilize each student’s unique talents and interests.

Food and fellowshipCommunity service