Quest Voices

Snowy lamp post“This is the most exciting work I’ve ever been involved in. These are extremely thoughtful and intelligent young women who are wrestling with the toughest problems of living a faithful life. They have intellectual integrity and spiritual depth. I admire them.”
Patricia Hunt,
Former Chaplain and Program Director

“I look forward to QUEST meetings. Our discussions are lively, and we all gain new insights into others’ backgrounds and points of view. I have greatly enjoyed this opportunity to deepen and explore my faith through dialogue, service, and scholarship.”
Melissa Ford

“QUEST has forced me to go out and explore my religion. I’m learning more about Christianity, and how it relates to Islam. It’s interesting to see that the same questions I’m struggling with about Islam, my counterparts in Christianity are dealing with. QUEST is a great learning experience; it’s a real world experience.”
Ubah Ansari

“QUEST is acceptance. I have learned to look beyond the boundaries of my own religion to the beliefs of others. I have learned to respect the differences of our religions and honor the unity formed by the QUEST program.”
Kate McDonald

“QUEST has been a very rewarding experience. It has taught me many things about my faith and has taught me to ask questions which have made my faith stronger and deeper.”
Heather Wilson