Glenda Norris George ’66

Thanks for taking on the job of keeping up with us!  Bill and I moved to Charlottesville four years ago to a retirement community called Westminster Canterbury of the Blue RIdge.  How I love seeing those mountains everyday.  There is plenty to do and thankfully it isn’t necessary to remember everyone’s name!  Our son Jeff, wife Ali, and grandson Will live in Winston Salem N.C.  so several visits a year are possible.  Daughter Sarah is a Federal Prosecutor in Medicine Hat Alberta, Canada.  Much too far away.  Her husband is an Opthomologist/Retinal Surgeon. They have a 10 month old daughter and needless to say stay very busy.  They keep us up to date with lots of pictures and plan to come here the first of the year.  Last summer Ouida McClendon Stough brought husband Butch to see Mary Baldwin and they came over the mountain to visit.  Had a great time.  They live in Gainesville Georgia.  Going “over the mountain” to Staunton is easy now – Interstate highway!  How well I remember that two lane highway over Afton Mountain.  I love being back in this part of Virginia and frequently hear news about Mary Baldwin on the local news channel.  Greetings to one and all, Glenda
Morgan Alberts Smith '99 is the web producer and social media manager for Mary Baldwin's Office of Communication, Marketing, and Public Affairs.
  1. Ann Mebane Levine Reply
    Glenda: Ann Mebane (Levine) Class of '65 here. My daughter, Melissa, and her family moved to Crozet 3 years ago, and I just love getting back up there to that beautiful country. I live in Atlanta now, but it is such fun going back over Afton Mountain (what a view!) and taking that easy drive to Staunton. I may have to research those retirement communities in your area someday, but for now, am loving Atlanta!
  2. Ann Wade Godwin Reply
    Glenda, thank you so much for this newsy note. It will bring back many memories for those of us who crossed Afton Mountain in that "rickety" bus. It probably wasn't rickety, but it certainly was of early 60's vintage!

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