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Happy Holidays One and All!  The latest news from this past fall is coming your way. ELIZABETH “BETTE” ALLAN Collins shares, “My son became the father of twins in June – a little girl and a little boy – how cool is that? And I am so blessed to have them living in the same town! I am having so much fun helping with them. Just wish I were younger! Planning a trip with another grandchild to Italy with Road Scholar this coming June!”  CORNELIA JENKINS Ward says, “I’ve been in Sedona and married to Tom for 25 years.  We’ve slowed down so my favorite activity that I’ve done for several years now is Great Decisions.  It is a national group that meets to discuss world situations.  Sedona is full of people from all walks of life who have worked all over the world and have so much to offer. If anyone is interested, they can look it up on the internet.  I call it “great discussions” because we don’t actually make decisions. I’m going home to Mobile soon and am hoping to call Carol Stone Stickney in Fairhope, Alabama.  I haven’t been a good communicator but I send happy thoughts to everyone.” BARBARA WOODHAM Sims writes, “Hello to Class of 61. I continue as a State Representative here in Georgia.  I have been serving in the House for 8 years and have enjoyed the interesting politics of our state. I am proud that we are required to maintain a balanced budget every year.  Have four wonderful grandchildren–three girls and one young man.  Oldest grandchildren both attend the University of Georgia. The younger girls are in 9th grade and 6th grade.  Continue to enjoy vacationing at the Isle of Palms, South Carolina, so if anyone is in the area I would love to know and have a visit. My husband, Fred died four years ago while we were at the beach.  He had suffered with congestive heart failure for several years.”  And, SUZANNE BURCH says, “I still have my business working with visually impaired adults. In March, 2014, I will be celebrating my10th year of being my own boss. I love it. We are very excited in the Charlottesville area to start an alumnae lunch group. It was so nice to see people I have not seen for years and we are looking for a much bigger group in the future. My older granddaughter is now thirteen and wants to come to Mary Baldwin in due time. Whitney loves history and genealogy. Anna is into soccer and I just hope Mary Baldwin has a team for her by the year 2020. Delightful.”  CAROL STONE Stickney shared in September of 2013: “I really did have a ball in NY. My son Frank and his wife Maggie and my precious little Evelyn moved in with me a couple of years ago.  They wanted to move from Brooklyn to raise her, I had been living in this house that started off as a duplex although family before us had opened it up into a single family home and told them that if they wanted to move here and regroup they were welcome to do so.  Both Frank and Maggie have started their own business, he’s a computer IT person…. and Maggie has opened a fun online business purpleelmbaby.com. Check out her website….fun stuff plus you can see some fun photos of my little Evelyn. …. I have kept up a bit with MARY BRUCE “BRUCIE” WOODS Moore, ANN PONDER Boyd, and CORNELIA JENKINS Ward since the reunion correspondence and through Face Book with MARY SHARP SWAYZE and ELIZABETH “BETSY” LASSETER Clark. News from CYNTHIA “KAY” HUNDLEY Fisher shares, “I have continued to travel – had three interesting weeks in Indonesia, but it was 103 daily.  Even they were shocked.  The Amandari in Bali helped make our moods brighter just before we flew home.  It’s two full days in the air, so it’s not for those who don’t like long trips.  Right now, I’m on a delightful river boat cruise from Paris to the Riviera.  We loved Avignon and Arles, full of lots of Roman ruins.  Provence is magical, as always.  Since French Impressionism was born here, we’ve been studying the works of Van Gogh.  Manet, Monet, Sisley, Vlaminck, Chagall…shops are full of copies on everything from tea cups to placemats.  Things have changed greatly over the years with so many tourists.  The French people, fortunately, are charming and happy to see Americans, as opposed to their previous behavior.  Proves the almighty dollar works wonders.  I’m still hoping Mary Baldwin will let us have a reunion sooner than later.  The difference in 65 and 75 is pretty hard on some with whom I stay in touch.”  Kay is now living permanently in Little Rock, Arkansas. She continues,. “PS:  My closest friends here are Mary Baldwin ‘girls!  MARY CLARE DOWELL Brierly, ANN PORTER PRICE Clark, HELEN RASPBERRY Benton ‘62, and MARY ELDRIDGE Berry ’62.  Another two Mary Baldwin ladies live in the same River Market Tower where I live, including the owner’s wife!  Aren’t we all lucky?  Love to all, Kay.” Good news from me, PATRICIA “PATTY” LIEBERT Riddick, is that the Alumnae Office has created a new form of communication we will be using and it will work like a “chat room.” This is really exciting!  Our news and comments from other will be current!  As I learn more, I will be sharing with each of you. We may be in the mid-70’s of our lives but we’re going to be mid-70 techies! Thank you all so much for responding.  Love you ladies!

Morgan Alberts Smith '99 is the web producer and social media manager for Mary Baldwin's Office of Communication, Marketing, and Public Affairs.

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