Had enough Snow yet???

Hey all, hope you are not getting all this cold, snowy weather especially our friends down South!  Most of it has missed us here in the DC area (at least the Maryland area!) now they are predicting another storm to end all storms!  I don’t believe it but just in case don’t forget to sit down and write some notes about what you have been up to!

My families big news is – Margie is engaged to a Staunton man, Chris Hollinger.  He owns The Green Leaf Grill in Waynesboro.  They have found a house and are busy with wedding plans for a wedding this summer!
Thomas is still at home waiting for Montgomery County Parks to hire him back to the Agriculture Park, we have mentioned that a April – November job isn’t a job!

Dave and I took a wonderful quiet, peaceful, warm Cruise on Holland America right after Christmas and came home to very cold weather!  (Miami was only 60 when we docked – it got worse from there!)  I guess cause of the little bit of snow (and lot of ice) I’ll be working 1 extra day so far, after this week…. we’ll see!    Enjoy the end of Winter and hope the snow goes away quickly!

Morgan Alberts Smith '99 is the web producer and social media manager for Mary Baldwin's Office of Communication, Marketing, and Public Affairs.

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