Summer Notes!

Hello Class of 1980!   Welcome to summer!  Early!  I guess after the winter most of us have had a hot summer should have been expected.  It’s time once again to let everyone else know what you have been up to.  It’s been a busy year so far here – in December our daughter, Margie (Class of 2010!) got engaged and they are getting married this August in Waynesboro – at a winery called Barron Ridge – it’s beautiful there, so the plans have been under way and are going along well.  She and her fiancée also bought a house in Waynesboro and had to deal with all the problems of owning a home (that had been sitting for 2 years!)  It’s lovely and their dog enjoys running the large yard.  I’m still with Montgomery County Public Schools – my husband says till 2020!  Head Start is an experience the 4 years olds are a trip.  I still am gardening (this year is mulch year), going to Calvert Cliffs as much as possible and keeping up with our house and Margie’s.  Dave is still with Department of Energy, playing softball, basketball and bike riding – hopefully finishing our patio this year!  Thomas turned 22 and still doesn’t want to grow up!  He’s got a summer job with the Department of Parks pretty much being a farmer – he loves it but has been told next Fall fulltime work, school or he needs to find a new address!

Dave and I took a quick trip to the Inn at Little Washington – wow it was lovely, the food excellent and we had a nice 29th anniversary celebration there.  Can’t believe it’s been 29 years – can you believe we graduated College 34 years ago!???   Our Reunion will be coming up fast.  You all know the drill, you can email me or the school and tell us how you are doing and what you are all up to – or you can go on the new “Blog” page and send it out too.  http://www.marybaldwin.edu/class/


Hope to hear form one and all!  Laura

Morgan Alberts Smith '99 is the web producer and social media manager for Mary Baldwin's Office of Communication, Marketing, and Public Affairs.

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