from Ripper Riepe Hill (1969)

Ripper writes, “Some things are the same.  Still married to Hunter after 45 mostly wonderful years. Some things are different.  Take my name for example. When I started my professional career, somehow I thought I needed to ditch the nickname ‘Ripper.’  Shortening my birth name ‘Jacquelyn’ to ‘Lyn’ seemed to fit and although I’ll always be ‘Ripper’ to family and friends from younger years,  most people now know me as ‘Lyn.’  Maybe I truncated it too much though; ‘Lyn Hill’ is a really short name.  Enter the present decade and its transitions.  Four years ago I retired  from a  fulfilling career as a mental health therapist and we joyfully welcomed two grandchildren to the family.  To mark this phase of my life, naturally I had to undergo another name change.  The ‘Ripper Years,’ were good, the ‘Lyn Years’ even better and the ‘Hannah Years,’  hands down, the best yet.  However,  I happily respond to all three names so take your pick.  My tombstone probably will read ‘Jacquelyn Hannah Riepe Hill.’  But one never knows.”
Morgan Alberts Smith '99 is the web producer and social media manager for Mary Baldwin's Office of Communication, Marketing, and Public Affairs.

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