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I just celebrated my 80th birthday, an occasion that prompted me to much reflection.  I feel very grateful for many things: good health, especially for bionic hips that enable me to travel, hike, swim, practice yoga and garden; great health care, thanks to excellent benefits, earned through more than 22 years of employment at the National Institutes of Health, which cover virtually everything Medicare doesn’t; the satisfaction of having had 2 diverse, immensely challenging and successful careers while holding positions of leadership in the communities where I have lived; 2 daughters who have persevered through their own particular trials and are admirable, humorous and wise women; my 3 hard-working, smart and beautiful college-student grandchildren.  I am also very thankful for good and faithful friends with common interests; for good books, music and art that add so much richness to my life; for my own continuing intellectual curiosity and my unquenchable passion for liberal politics, social justice and environmental causes; for the beauties of the natural world and the delights of organic food that my older daughter Catherine and I cook together nearly every night; for this amazing northern CA climate I have enjoyed for the past 11 years.    JEANETTE FISHER Reid ’56  lives in Black Mountain NC, where my younger daughter Stephanie, her 2 daughters and my great-granddaughter also live, so I have wonderful, stimulating visits with her when I go back East once or twice a year.  Jeanette is avolunteer community mediator and enjoys writing and studying poetry; she lives at Highland Farms, a retirement community in a beautiful setting.  In 2001 she and Jim Lenhart, a true soul mate, joined in a commitment ceremony.  They had more than 12 years together before he died.  2 of her children and their spouses live in Asheville, and that is a great blessing.

Morgan Alberts Smith '99 is the web producer and social media manager for Mary Baldwin's Office of Communication, Marketing, and Public Affairs.

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