Calling all 1978 Class Members!

Good Day Class of 1978!

We would love to hear from each of you to learn what is going on in your lives right now. Have you traveled, gotten married, had a child, or started a new career?  Please share your updates right here.  Just comment on this post to let your classmates know what you’ve been up to.  You can also share pictures!  Please use high resolution photos that are at least 300 dots per inch (dpi) and 1 megabyte (MB) or 1,000 kilobytes (KB) or more, if you have them, and you just might see them printed in the Boldly Baldwin magazine. We look forward to hearing from you!

P. S. If there is anyone who would like to volunteer to be the 1978 class Secretary and contact your classmates, please call Angela in the Alumnae/i Office at 800.763.7359!

Morgan Alberts Smith '99 is the web producer and social media manager for Mary Baldwin's Office of Communication, Marketing, and Public Affairs.
  1. Ring Torrence Stafford Reply
    After 20+ years in the business (following a 20-year career in motivational marketing), I closed Torrence Stationery & Gifts and retired at the end of February. Can't really comment on what retirement's like, though, since as incoming President of my local club, I immediately headed to Sydney, Australia for the Rotary International Convention. Traveled with my husband Billy, my sister Catherine and her daughters Sarah and Meredith. We tacked on a week in New Zealand prior to the convention (North and South Islands), and it is the most beautiful place in the world. Also made a side trip to Ayers Rock, and our dinner under the stars in the Outback is something none of us will ever forget. Have re-established contact with Mary Baldwin roomies Hope Lee Marshall and Debbie Bowis, and a mini reunion is in the making
  2. Cat Ferris McPherson Reply
    Leigh Hamblin Gordon graciously hosted a few of us n her Hilton Head home this spring. Leigh, Mary Meade Atkinson Sipple, Whitney Dodd Godwin, and I enjoyed a long weekend catching up and getting with everyone's life. We missed Karen Austin McCoy, who couldn't join us, but was there with us in spirit!

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