Class Notes and Reunion!

Hey guys guess what our Reunion is coming up next April – 35 years!  Ugh can’t believe it!   We’re still College girls with way more life ahead – at lest that’s how I feel!

Anyway it’s time for an update Mary Baldwin would like it by Aug 10 so please put on some thinking caps and let us all know how you and your families are doing!  It doesn’t matter how small (like a Grand baby??  Or a new pet) or large (my daughter’s wedding is off!  She cancelled it the end of June and is home for a while!) We want to know what our fellow classmates are doing.

I also have a request from Mary Baldwin – they want to know what you think of the “blog”  – I haven’t seen many posts from 1980 so here is the page again http://www.marybaldwin.edu/class/  Have a look – I know I promised pictures and haven’t done it sorry been a little swamped – my daughter really did cancel her wedding!


If you don’t want to tell us what’s up  at least let me know what you think of the “blog” – I’ll admit I don’t use it as often as I should either – life gets in the way.


A little about me – I’ve had a busy unexpected summer  – Margie’s brain decided her heart was wrong and she shouldn’t get married – so we have spent the summer helping her get back on track.  Thomas is working for the Farm Park again and has a grandiose plan to get his CDL (truck drivers) license and travel from Texas to Illinois and back again next summer driving combines ( a huge tractor!)  We’ll see what happens with this!  Dave and I are still working and keeping busy – we went on a cruise after Christmas and had a wonderful time.  Trying to finish the house (patio is being very slowly worked on!) I’ve been mulching and keeping up with the flowers.  Still work at Viers Mill Elem school in Head Start – been told I can’t retire till 2020!  By Dave!  My heart is still ready to move to the Chesapeake Bay!


Speaking of retirement – we need to start thinking about our Reunion and if we want any discussions or parties set up in advance.  We could do a Wine Tour, have discussions on retirement plans, and all the money stuff that comes up in that – we could have a formal or casual dinner somewhere – but all this needs to be set up in advance so we need to start talking about it or organizing it.


Have a great rest of the summer – at least the weather here has been good.  I was just at Mary Baldwin yesterday – amazing how much changes and how much stays the same!   Take care, please let us know what your up to!   Go Class of 1980!!!   Laura

Morgan Alberts Smith '99 is the web producer and social media manager for Mary Baldwin's Office of Communication, Marketing, and Public Affairs.

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