Celia Crittenden Catrett ’66

Celia Crittenden Cattret

Celia Crittenden Catrett

PHOTO!  I see Fran Davis Pollard every year or so.  She was my roommate for my two years at Mary Baldwin.  Plus, I keep up with Betty Drury McConnell, Marijane Gish and Marygena Collier Lynn.  I love retirement from being a school librarian.  My mother is 95 and in Beaumont so I am over  there a lot. Between a little volunteering, I have been learning mahjong and enjoying 3 book clubs.  My grandchildren (5) and (4) endlessly entertain me!


Morgan Alberts Smith '99 is the web producer and social media manager for Mary Baldwin's Office of Communication, Marketing, and Public Affairs.
  1. Ann Wade Godwin Reply
    Hello Celia! It's great that you are spending quality time in your retirement days. I'm amazed at all you do - mahjong and three book clubs!!! How wonderful that you can see your mother so often; I'm sure she looks forward to your visits. Grandchildren! What can I say? They are the loves of our lives, aren't they? By the way, that's a beautiful picture - you look terrific!

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