Algernon Sydney Sullivan Awards

History of the Award

Betsey_SuchanicThe Algernon Sydney Sullivan Awards were established by the New York Southern Society in 1925 in memory of Algernon Sydney Sullivan, a southerner who became a prominent lawyer, businessman, and philanthropist in New York in the late nineteenth century. The Society and carefully selected colleges and universities jointly arrange for the issue of medallions which are to be perpetual reminders of Algernon Sydney Sullivan, the memory of whose life has been handed down with loving and grateful admiration as one that was a continuous expression of those high qualities which ennoble and beautify living and bind man to man in mutual love and helpfulness. Such lives must ever be encouraging and inspiring; they justify our highest ideals and hopes.

Algernon Sydney Sullivan, born in Indiana in 1826, rose to success in New York City as a respected lawyer and a man who “reached out both hands in constant helpfulness” to others. After his death in 1887, the Society sought to honor him and the award bearing his name was established in 1925 by a Sullivan Memorial Committee and the New York Southern Society, which Sullivan had served as its first president. The award seeks to perpetuate the excellence of character and humanitarian service of Algernon Sydney Sullivan by recognizing and honoring such qualities in others. It was first presented in June 1925 at the George Peabody College for Teachers in Nashville, Tennessee, now a part of Vanderbilt University.

Funded by the Algernon Sydney Sullivan Foundation and administered by the New York Southern Society the awards stem from the Society’s wish to establish a permanent reminder of the “noblest human qualities as expressed and followed in the life of its first president, Algernon Sydney Sullivan; and to do so in a manner which will perpetuate the influence of such a man, not so much as an individual but as a type.” The prestigious awards are given only by selected “representative institutions.” After the New York Southern Society closed its doors, the awards were continued by the Sullivan Foundation and grew to include more and more institutions throughout the South. Washington and Lee University has been recognizing Sullivan Award winners since 1927.

Mary Baldwin University presents the Algernon Sydney Sullivan award to the undergraduate senior woman who exhibit Sullivan’s ideals of heart, mind, and conduct as evidenced by a spirit of love for and helpfulness to others, who demonstrates “fine spiritual qualities, nobility of character – and unselfish service to the broad community.” It is one of the highest honors that Mary Baldwin University bestows. An Algernon Sydney Sullivan Non-Student Award, recognizing unselfish service, noble character, and spritual qualities, may also be awarded.

Award Recipients

1933 Abel McIver Fraser
Charlotte Alexander Taylor
1934 William Wayt King
Grace Pilkington Crowe
1935 Margaret Kable Russell
Charlotte Beverley Hoy
1936 Margaret Elizabeth Pfohl
Mary Delia Nichols
1937 Isabel McIlhenny Nichols 1938 Nancy Witherspoon McFarland
Abbie Morrison McFarland
Jean Eaton Diescher
1939 Hunter Bryson Blakely
Shirley Marvil Black
Frances Rosa Witz Hull (Mrs. Cordell Hull)
1940 Nettie Lambuth DuBose Junkin
Hilda Elizabeth Brown
1941 Passie Fenton Ottley (posthumously)
Louise Margaret Kinkel
1942 Adelaide McSween
1943 Mary Watters
Mary Rose Mitchener
1944 Josephine Morton Hannah
1945 Katherine Elizabeth Sherrill
Betty Lee Neisler
1946 Lewis Wilson Jarman
Anne WIlson Armstrong
1947 Emily Pancake Smith
Alice Parker Wilson
1948 Lucille Foster McMillin
Irma Elinor Weathersby
1949 Edmund Douglass Campbell
Cynthia Ann Betts
1950 Josephine Baxter Timberlake
Frances Elizabeth Lankford
1951 Alletta Wood Jervey 1952 Florence Anderson Wimberly
Mary E. Lakenan
1953 Libby Alby Bull
Jane Clay Tucker
1954 Mary Ann Taylor
Frederick Lyons Brown
1955 Mary Hornbarger Mustoe
Hope Summerell Chamberlain
1956 Nancy Virginia Buston
Antoinette Rotan Peterson
1957 Julianne Rand
Richard Randall Potter
1958 Elizabeth Ann Withrow
Desiree L. Franklin
1959 Carraleigh Ann Singletary
Elizabeth Camp Ebbott
1960 Nina Elaine Vaughn
Ruth Carnegie Campbell
1961 Mary Bruce Woods
Gilpin Willson, Jr.
1962 Bertha Alicia Salinas
Eldon Defriece Wilson
1963 Dorothea Louise Bessire
Archibald Alexander Sproul
1964 Jacqueline Virginia Riddle
Katie Heard Craig
1965 Charlotte Hoff Folk
John Baker Daffin
1966 Karen Ann Cowsert
Margaret St. Clair Moore
1967 Louise Stuart Tabb
Bessie Conway Lewis
1968 Minna-Abbott Smith
Midlred Ellen Taylor
1969 Judith Lynn Barnett
Charles Preston Lunsford, Sr.
1970 Katherine Carr Crawford
Marguerite Hillhouse
James Trenholm Spilman
1971 Herbert Snipes Turnes
Nancy Ruth Jones
1972 Ruth McNeil
Lillian Carolyn Rudeseal
Patricia Catherine Click
1973 Lilly Simrill Smith
Ella Jean Lewis
1974 Ann Bowman Day
Bertie Murphy Deming
1975 Constance Anne Bak
John P. Edmondson
1976 Carol Lynn Howard
Jane Frances Smith
1977 Donna Grey Booth
Diane Elizabeth Hepford
William White Sproul, Jr.
1978 Nan Overton Mahone
Anne Kate Reid Hipp
1979 Ellison Miller Carey 1980 Mary Lynn Tuggle
Helen K. Groves
1981 America de la Garza
George M. Cochran
1982 Ann Belton Filipowicz
Paul O. Hirschbiel
1983 Sandra Ellen Shufelt
Patricia Hoblert Menk
1984 Vicki Denise Etheride
Staunton-Augusta Rescue Squad
1985 Judith Ann Clegg
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
1986 Denise Corinne Ouellette
Martha Stackhouse Grafton
1987 Jane Elizabeth Blair
Frank Robbins Pancake
1988 Peggy Lynne Kellam
Marguerite F. Livy
1989 Mary Kathleen Reagan
Katherine Dyer Dudley
1990 Saunders Porteous Vickery
Ruth Peters Sproul
1991 Elizabeth Lee Baker
Mabel Rackley Hirschbiel
1992 Mary Virginia Cocke
Yoko Sakae
1993 Evelyn Kate Mills
Lisa Kristine Nichols
Margaret Herscher Hitchman
1994 Lori Lee Broglio
Amanda Jane Townes
1995 Danica Jamison
Lucia Marie Morgan
Ouida Caldwell Davis
1996 Maggie Marie Hagen
Sarah Jean O’Gorek
Dorothy Baughan Moore
1997 Jennifer Ragan Dorough
Fletcher Collins, Jr.
Margaret Collins
1998 Shannon LeNay Plaster
H. Gordon Smyth, Jr.
1999 Crystal Scott-Whitlow
Margaret Pollard Rea
2000 Christy Michelle Riggs
Rev. Dr. Billy Graham
2001 Janeen Anita Pettus Carter
Georgeanne Bates Chapman
2002 Kelly Michelle Wimmer
Alice Tolley Goodwin
2003 Lin Lin Aung
Charles S. Luck III
2004 Susannah Thornton Baskervill
2005 Christian Brookx Peele
Elizabeth Kirkpatrick Doenges (posthumously)
2006 Nzinga Salcedo-Hutchinson
Caroline Rose Hunt
2007 Tiffany Jackson
YuLee Larner
2008 Tromila Wheat
Mary Beth Smyth ’47
2009 Robyn Stegman
Louise McNamee ’70
2010 Erin Paschal
Patricia Hunt
2011 Ada Sue Myers
Lee Cochran
2012 Tierra Smith
Abigail Disney
2013 Britney Diane Lambert
Brenda Bryant (posthumously)
2014 Holly Johnston
Lew Askegaard
2015 Bethany Zaiman
James D. Lott
2016 Betsey Suchanic
Rita Wilson (posthumously)