Admissions and Financial Aid

Prospective Early College students are eligible to apply beginning in the ninth-grade year and are accepted based upon:

  • intellectual capacity and motivation
  • consistent academic achievement
  • social and emotional maturity
  • a serious sense of purpose

The process of matching the student to the program is critical for the health and development of the student and the program. A case study approach is used for the selection process, involving the collection of extensive information from the prospective student and her parents.

Early College is a highly selective program that is not appropriate for all students. Our application process is intended to make certain that all of our students are right for our program and that our program is the right fit for each of our students!

Admission Requirements

Applicants are required to:

  • complete Mary Baldwin’s online application
  • submit a full transcript with excellent grades*
  • have strong recommendations
  • have achievement test scores in the 90th percentile
  • have SAT or ACT scores comparable to those of entering college freshmen
  • a family and individual interview. (On campus interviews are preferred and can be arranged to coincide with overnight visits.)**
  • complete a geometry course prior to enrollment ***

Financing Your Education

Scholarships and Financial Aid Information

Merit Scholarships: Available to all accepted applicants determined by previous academic achievement.

Need-Based Financial Aid:

Virginia residents may also be eligible for Tuition Assistance Grants (TAG)

The Malone Scholarship: Thanks to the Malone Foundation, PEG is able to offer one substantial scholarship to an accepted applicant who significant financial need, a proven academic record, and the integrity to uphold the values of the program. The Malone Scholarship Committee considers all accepted PEG applications for this scholarship.

The Rita Dove Scholarship: At any given time, there are two Rita Dove Scholars in PEG, and the scholarship is therefore awarded depending on availability. The Rita Dove Scholarship awards $2500 towards tuition to PEG students majoring in math or science with a preference for minority students. This scholarship is renewable each year the student matriculates in the Program for the Exceptionally Gifted and maintains good academic standing. The Rita Dove Scholarship Committee considers all PEG students majoring in math or science for this scholarship when it is available.

*Homeschool Transcript Form
Mary Baldwin University welcomes homeschool, umbrella school, and correspondence school applications. We recognize homeschool transcripts under parental authorization. Umbrella school and correspondence school transcripts are also accepted.

Homeschool Transcript Form

**Overnight Visits
An overnight stay in a residence hall with a current student is strongly recommended. Such visits can be arranged in advance to include class attendance. At least two weeks notice must be given for all visits.

All PEG students are required to have completed a geometry course prior to enrolling in our program. However, PEG applicants do not have to complete a geometry course prior to submitting their application to our program. If a student who has not yet taken geometry is accepted to PEG, the acceptance will be contingent upon her completion of a geometry course prior to enrollment in the fall.

If your school does not offer geometry, or if it is impossible to work geometry into your current course schedule, please contact to learn about alternative ways to complete the geometry requirement.