2015 Blackrock Hike 2

Mary Baldwin’s Environment-Based Learning program attracts K-12 teachers from across Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, and throughout the mid-Atlantic region. Here’s what those educators have to say about our program:

This class really spoke to my soul through the cultural elements of life and land. I have to say, I love science, but I would not exactly call myself a “science teacher.” This class opened my eyes to the exploration of nature and science through the integration of culture, history, and community. The course, Intersection of Life and Land, encourages educators to teach students about their community.

–Joya McMurray, elementary school teacher

I love the EBL program. The program validates everything I do. It is a natural teaching process for me. I have always found a way to take my students outside. I just don’t see myself teaching any other way.

–Mary Young-Lutz, high school teacher

Mary Baldwin has changed my outlook on environmental education. The total SOL scores since implementing nature journals have not been lower than 93%. It has drastically improved my student’s scores.

–Allan Saunders, middle school teacher

I am very impressed with the quality and creativity of Mary Baldwin’s EBL program. This program is innovative and very important in that it gives a structure for teachers to introduce children (and others) to the complexity and importance of the science and processes of the natural world and our relationship with nature and the environment.

–Shay Clanton, art teacher

Thank you for inspiring me to get our students involved with EBL. Our students and parents are so excited about this pond project. More and more people are using the pond and helping with it. My co-teacher said she has never seen such excitement about science. I attribute all of this to your guidance and enthusiasm.

–Judith Sgroi, elementary school teacher

Mary Baldwin provides a great service to environmentally minded teachers. Great programs, wonderful resource, good outside speakers and terrific teachers

–Dixie Hovermale, high school teacher

Not only do students get to learn environmental concerns and stewardship in the classroom — they get to learn it in real life!

–Kelly Scott, middle school teacher

This is the third environment-based learning course that I have completed at Mary Baldwin. I am over 65 years of age. Teaching as a career for me is rapidly coming to a close. My teaching certificate is good until I am over 70 years old. Yet, I anxiously look forward to the EBL courses each year because they are fun. If this type of learning engages someone of my age, it obviously is custom designed for younger students … and this has been clearly proven in my classroom with groups of fifth graders. Hands-on investigations are desirable but getting the students out into the actual field just can’t be beat. It only takes a tiny bit of thought and creativity to see how the various concepts of the Virginia SOLs can be taught through actual involvement with the environment.

–Carole Anderson, elementary school teacher

The EBL classes I have taken thus far at Mary Baldwin have been fantastic. I learned ways to teach all subjects while allowing my students to experience different learning environments. I also was able to take what I learned in my class and make it a REAL life experience for both myself and my students. I think being able to work on that project made my students become closer to me and made them more willing to learn and to relate to school. I found them actually taking a major part in their education. They wanted to be there and they wanted to learn! Talk about a self-confidence boost for me in my teaching!

–Leigh Anne Brewster, elementary school teacher