Higher Education


The MEd concentration in Higher Education prepares individuals interested in working in two- and four-year colleges in various capacities in student affairs, personnel management, academic affairs, admissions, residence life, and other positions of institutional leadership. The program is also designed to prepare individuals seeking careers in other aspects of education such as professional development providers, technical education practitioners, and those desiring to work with adult learners in other capacities.

Required course work for the MEd with a concentration in Higher Education:
IN 627 Contemporary Learning Theory for Diverse Learners 3sh
IN 629 Leadership in Education 3sh
IN 630 Methods of Professional Inquiry 3sh
ED 631 Technologies to Advance Learning 3sh
ED 632 Inquiry Research Project 3sh
IN 628 Public Policy and Community Relations in Education 3sh
ED 651 Structure, Power, and Freedom: Perspectives on U.S. Higher Education 3sh
ED 652 Adult Development: Emerging Adulthood and Beyond 3sh
ED 653 The History of Adult Education 3sh
ED 654 Special Topics in Adult & Higher Education 3sh
ED 655 Internship in Adult & Higher Education 3sh
Total Degree Credits 33sh