The Bachelor of Arts/Master of Education allows residential and adult degree students to complete a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Education. Students combine graduate courses with undergraduate work, leading to an MEd one year following completion of the BA degree.

BA/MEd Concentration Areas

  • Higher Education
  • Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Environment-Based Learning

To apply, students should download and complete the BA/MEd application, available on the GTE tab of myMBU, and submit the completed application to

Admissions Requirements

  • Junior or senior standing (either RCW or Baldwin Online and Adult Programs)
  • 3.0 or higher overall GPA
  • Letters of reference from two Mary Baldwin faculty members
  • Personal statement as part of application

Program Requirements

(15 semester hours may be done prior to BA conferral; at least 18 semester hours must be done following BA conferral over the course of two or more semesters)

Core courses (for all concentrations)

IN 627 Contemporary Learning Theory

IN 629 Leadership in Education

IN 630 Methods of Professional Inquiry

ED 631 Technologies to Advance Learning

ED 632 Inquiry Research Project (Thesis) IN 630 is a pre-requisite for this class; ED 632 must be taken post-BA

Higher Education

IN 628 Public Policy and Community Relations

ED 651 Perspectives on US Higher Ed

ED 652 Adult Development

ED 653 History of Adult Ed

ED 654 Special Topics

ED 655 Internship

Applied Behavior Analysis

PSYC 513 Basic Concepts/Principles of ABA

ED 592 Measurement and Assessment

ED 593 Ethics and Special Considerations

ED 594 Elements of Behavior Change

ED 595 (pending) or Graduate Education Elective

ED 596 (pending) or Graduate Education Elective

 Autism Spectrum Disorders

ED 640 Characteristics and Assessment of ASD

ED 641 Communication and Sensory Aspects of ASD

ED 642 Behavioral and Social Skills Aspects of ASD

ED 643 Practicum in ASD

Graduate Education Elective

Graduate Education Elective

Environment Based Learning

IN 626 Environment-Based Learning

IN 634 Intersection of Life and Land

ED 620 The Outdoor Classroom

EBL Elective Course (summer)

EBL Elective Course (summer)

Graduate Education Elective