Requirements for the MAT Degree

See the Academic Catalog for more details.

  • Completion of the required semester hours in liberal arts inquiry courses and required semester hours in professional studies courses.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of health/wellness, audiovisual materials/techniques, computer applications, arts/crafts, drug abuse education. Competence in these areas is acquired through program workshops or otherwise and demonstrated by test or completion of required activities.
  • Participation in four graduate Professional Development Institutes.
  • Satisfactory completion of a final project that synthesizes thoughtful, analytic responses to courses and to the applications/internship teaching experience.
  • 3.0 GPA in program satisfactory oral and written language skills, satisfactory performance on professional qualities standards.
  • Participation in required student and program evaluations.
  • Passing standardized tests required by the Commonwealth of Virginia (e.g., Praxis) is a graduation requirement for everyone except those already licensed to teach in Virginia.
  • Demonstration of technology competency by completion of the Computer Competency checklist.