The Mary Baldwin teacher is . . .

an inquiring and reflective learner, a well-educated professional who brings forth the best in all students.

We support this by:

  • modeling and encouraging inquiry and reflection
  • integrating theory, practice, and the liberal arts
  • and providing opportunities for individual exploration within a collaborative

Students Say…

I have had many people ask me why I drive to Staunton, from Pulaski, VA, for the MAT program. My automatic response is, “The program is worth the drive. The professors understand that I have a life outside of seeking my education. If I have an emergency they are understanding and ALWAYS willing to work with me. The professors are always very positive and motivating because they truly display their desire to share knowledge and to help their students achieve their goals. I did have the option of completing my Masters at colleges and universities closer to home. I really chose Mary Baldwin MAT due to my successful undergraduate experience with the Baldwin Online and Adult Programs program. I had all but given up the hope that I would ever be able to complete my undergraduate degree, much less move on to a Master’s degree. Mary Baldwin University has changed my life in such a positive way that one or two sentences cannot describe it. Mary Baldwin Universitys’ attention to the needs of adult students, through the Baldwin Online and Adult Programs and the MAT programs, provided me an opportunity to better myself, the lives of my children and my family by offering a program seemingly designed just for me. I will be eternally grateful!
– Karen Chitwood, MAT Graduate

After researching nearly all of the colleges within a few hours’ drive
from Charlottesville, including JMU, EMU, Longwood, PVCC, UVA, and others,
I decided Mary Baldwin’s MAT program offered me the most comprehensive,
yet flexible, program around. Before student teaching, I worked full
time, yet could still find enough classes to fit into my schedule each
semester and during the summers. I loved the idea of small, intimate
classes, and I have enjoyed MAT’s professors, teaching partners, and
classmates. The practicum experiences each semester got me into the classrooms,
where I could work with students and learn about education issues first
hand. At times, the program has been challenging, but it’s definitely
worth it!
– Mindy Todd MAT Graduate

From day one in the MAT program I was impressed by the willingness amongst not only the faculty, but also my fellow students, to share ideas, information, and enthusiasm. To me this is the essence of
teaching: sharing.
– David Woodburn MAT Graduate

MAT is a phenomenal program composed of wise and diverse people
who work hard at advising and inventing a sound educational platform.
They produce warm, creative and enthusiastic role models for our philosophers
of tomorrow!
– Nedra C. Johnson MAT Graduate
8th grade teacher in Charlottesville, VA

My situation: Single parent, primary caregiver for my mom, working
full time. MAT program: evening classes during the week, weekend and
summer — fit my needs exactly.
– Sharon Jones MAT Graduate
6th grade teacher in Charlottesville, VA

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