Financial Aid and Study Abroad


The college encourages and approves study abroad in excellent programs at other colleges and through programs developed at Mary Baldwin University. Funding for study abroad is limited because the College aid’s funds are limited, but the College will do all it can to help with funding for students who demonstrate need for assistance.


College aid is available for traditional students, including PEG and VWIL:

    1. Foreign language major studying full-time (twelve hours equivalent per semester) for a semester or a year.
    2. Limited aid available for full-time study with Advanced Studies in England Kansai University in Japan (programs with which Mary Baldwin is formally affiliated).
    3. Limited Aid available for students with International Studies Major that are pre-designed with language components.
    4. Extremely limited funding (subject to funds remaining from financial aid budget) for May term for foreign language minors.


    Note: Majors may use May term support but may not have support for both a May term and a year abroad at another time.

Government aid programs are available for all Title IV programs if approved for degree credit at Mary Baldwin University and a completed consortium agreement (if required) is on file at the Financial Aid Office. Government aid is available for all students, including Adult Degree and Masters programs.


Students applying for aid to study abroad must complete the Application for Study Abroad Aid, which is available in the Financial Aid Office, file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and have a completed consortium agreement on file for all programs not registered through Mary Baldwin University. Aid awards are based on demonstrated need. PLUS loans are available for parents of dependent students without filing the FAFSA.

How to Apply

First, consult the Foreign Study Advisor for information on programs and costs. Develop a foreign study plan with your advisor(s). Develop a budget for Program and enter costs on Application for Aid to Study Abroad – attach photocopy of program’s cost sheet from their literature.

If your program is sponsored by another institution, obtain a consortium agreement from the Financial Aid Office and send to the appropriate office at the host institution for completion. You must still complete the Application for Aid to Study Abroad.


Submit a completed Application for Aid to Study Abroad form to the Financial Aid Office by:

· April 15 – prior to fall semester or full-year abroad
· Nov. 15 – prior to spring semester or May term abroad


Your program costs must be billed through Mary Baldwin University as your home institution. All bills for study abroad should be sent to the Business Office of the College. To be eligible for aid from Mary Baldwin University, all charges must be paid through your student account.


You must meet deadlines – the process of aid takes time. To be assured of timely aid awards, deadlines must be met.

Be sure to keep the Financial Aid Office and Business Office informed about your abroad program’s mailing address and your address abroad so that contact can be made throughout the aid-award year. Be sure that, if required, the completed consortium agreement is returned from any host institution. No aid can be transferred to the host institution without a completed consortium agreement on file at the Financial Aid Office.

Questions? Contact the Admissions Office.