Financial Aid

Mary Baldwin College for Women

Mary Baldwin’s generous scholarship and financial aid package rewards your hard work and recognizes your potential to succeed. Here are a few of their tips:

  • Don’t overlook a school based on cost. We create customized scholarship packages that reward academic and extracurricular accomplishments; very few students pay full tuition.
  • Always apply for federal financial aid.
  • Make sure to ask about lesser-known ways to finance your college education, such as outside scholarships (start early!), installment payment plans, and campus employment


Tuition: $30,690
Organization Fee: $300
Technology Fee: $60 per semester
Room/Board:  $9,410
Total Direct Cost:  $40,520

Your customized financial aid package may include:

Merit awards of up to $22,000 are available to new students. Use the Net Price & Scholarship Calculator to estimate your award.

Grants are based on need — many more students are eligible for assistance than ever before.  You must complete the FAFSA or FAFSA en Español to receive these grants.


If you are a Virginia resident you will receive an estimated grant of $3,100. The State will advise colleges of the exact amount during the academic year. Complete the TAG (Tuition Assistance Grant) form (PDF).  It is easy to apply and you do not pay it back. Other states grants may be available based on FAFSA information. Out of state tuition assistance grants are also available.

If you are in the Virginia Women’s Institute for Leadership (VWIL), one of Mary Baldwin’s leadership gateways, you may apply for a ROTC scholarship as a high school senior or after your enrollment at MBC.  Contact for more information.

The Mary Baldwin College Student Employment Program (SEP) is designed for experiential hands on learning that will inspire, mentor and coach students for future professional expectations and career endeavors. All positions within Student Employment are on-campus jobs. Click here for more info.

A variety of low-interest loans are available.  Our financial aid office will help you determine which are right for you. For more information regarding loans, please click here.

January 1
Earliest date to file the FAFSA at or FAFSA en Español.

If you are not applying for federal need-based aid or loans, please notify the Financial Aid Office in writing so that we can finalize your aid file for the academic year and award non-need-based aid.

January – February
Complete your FAFSA or Renewal application online based on your parents’ and your completed tax return for the preceding year. Save the information you used to complete the FAFSA and copies of your tax returns in case you are selected for verification.

February – May
Sign and return all necessary forms as requested by the Mary Baldwin University Financial Aid Office. The sooner your file is completed, the sooner you can be assured of your financial aid for the upcoming academic year. The “Missing Information” letters will continue at regular intervals until your file is complete. Students from Virginia should be sure that their Tuition Assistance Grant application is on file at the Financial Aid Office by July 31.

March 1
Priority FAFSA Deadline

May 15
The results of your aid application and, if selected, verification materials should be at the Financial Aid Office for the optimum aid package. Certain sources of aid, i.e., work-study jobs and college grant money, may be depleted after this date.

October 1
FAFSA filing begins.

What’s your Title IV Code?

Our Title IV Code is 003723; put this in the College Release section of the FAFSA.

Is there a deadline to apply for aid?

Our office does not operate under a deadline for applications for financial aid. However, in order to have your aid in place to apply to your account at the beginning of your enrollment, it is best to allow a minimum of eight weeks to process your application. That does not allow extra time for correction of filing errors with the federal government or verification procedures and there will be delays in receiving loan proceeds. Also, some sources of aid for traditional students may be depleted before that time. Our recommendation? File as early as possible after January 1 for the next academic year.

Do I have to file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)?

Yes, if you wish to be considered for need-based financial aid and student loans. Parent loans for dependent students can be obtained without filing the FAFSA.

What if I don’t want need-based aid or student loans?

Notify our office in writing and we will finalize your file. This may be necessary each academic year you are enrolled at Mary Baldwin. Of course, should you change your mind later and need our assistance, all you need to do is contact us and we will be glad to help as best we can.

Can I get money for books, personal expenses, etc.?

Yes, you can increase loans to cover those expenses. Check with the person responsible for aid for your program to determine how much extra you can borrow. If additional money is borrowed, it may be possible to receive a voucher from the Business Office for your books and excess funds will be refunded after the funds are actually credited to your student account in the Business Office.

What does it cost to go to Mary Baldwin?

This will vary by program. You should refer to your specific program guidelines for your program costs.

What is a TAG Grant?

The TAG Grant is the Tuition Assistance Grant from the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia residents.

When will my loan proceeds arrive?

If your aid is completed in a timely manner, your loan proceeds will not arrive until after the end of the add/drop period for each semester and your level of enrollment and continued eligibility for funds has been verified. If your file is not timely completed, delays will definitely be experienced. Do not count on refunds from loan funds to pay for rent or utilities.

Can I lose my financial aid?

Eligibility for financial aid is based on level of enrollment (how many courses you are taking). If you are enrolled only part time, your eligibility for financial aid is reduced. You must be enrolled at least half time to receive student loans. Your enrollment status is verified each semester and your aid is adjusted if necessary. Scholarships in the traditional program and TAG are based on full-time enrollment. You can also lose your aid eligibility if you fail to maintain satisfactory academic progress in your program.

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