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    Teachers are one of the most common jobs in America. Additionally, a significant number of people work as teachers in every state in the union — it’s not like they are all just concentrated in California or the South.
    Since teachers are such a prominent occupation, we at wanted to look at where teachers have it the best: where there are plenty of jobs to go around, and people get paid what they deserve during every phase of their career.
    To that end, we dove into the numbers from the BLS to figure out which states have the best opportunities for teachers. After all the numbers had been crunched, we were left with this list of the best of the best for America’s teachers:
    1. New Jersey
    2. Connecticut
    3. New Mexico
    4. Alaska
    5. Wyoming
    6. Ohio
    7. Kentucky
    8. Pennsylvania
    9. Georgia
    10. Texas
    So there you have it — New Jersey is the best of the best when it comes to being a teacher. How did it end up here and does it really deserve this ranking? Read on to see how we completed our research on the best states for teachers and for more on the top ten states.
    How we determined the best states to be a teacher?
    Here at USA, we talk to a lot of people of all different backgrounds looking for jobs. Our research has concluded that there are two common things people want in a job:
    • Availability of jobs
    • Pay
    So in order to find out the best states for teachers in America we needed to figure out where the jobs are and how well teachers get paid. This led to the following criteria taken from the Bureau of Labor Statistics’s Occupational Employment Statistics for 2015:
    • Location quotient. A measure of how common a job is in a given state.
    • Average annual salary.
    • Average annual salary for entry level work.
    • Average annual salary for experienced professionals.
    To make all the salary numbers more apples to apples across states, we compared the salary data relative to the state’s cost of living from MIT’s living wage index. Applying this standardization allows us to account for the fact that the average salary for Teachers in California is $72,360 and the average salary in Illinois is $59,680, the Illinois salary actually goes further in paying for life’s essentials.
    In order to develop an overall ranking, we ranked each state for each criteria from 1 to 50 where 1 was the best.
    We then averaged all the rankings for a state into a Job Score with the state having the lowest overall Job Score earning the distinction of being the best state for teachers in America.
    So without further ado, let’s get into just what made each state so great for teachers.

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