Mary Baldwin University/Murphy Deming College of Health Sciences’ tuition and fees are set annually by the Board of Trustees.

Most graduate students fund their education through student loans and private sources. Virginia residents may be eligible for the Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant (VTAG). We strongly urge students to explore outside scholarship opportunities that will assist in these costs. If you have questions or need assistance regarding financial aid and the FAFSA process, please contact the Mary Baldwin Financial Aid Office at 540-887-7022 or 800-468-2262, or


The tuition rate for the Murphy Deming College of Health Sciences is inclusive of all course, lab, and technology fees. Tuition for the 2016-2017 academic year has been set at $34,070. Tuition will be billed in installments, at the start of each semester (summer, fall, and spring).

Students are responsible for their own living expenses, book costs, and travel to and from clinical rotations. Some clinical rotations require significant travel and may require that students obtain local housing.

PA Program: As noted above, graduate tuition fee for Murphy Deming College of Health Sciences students entering in 2017  is set at $34,070 per year. At the current rate, Physician Assistant students should anticipate paying, at minimum, $81,768 for two full years and one semester (27 months/7 semesters total). This reflects the 2016-2017 tuition rate – actual rates may change slightly due to inflationary adjustments.

In addition, PA students can expect additional costs of approximately $19,195 which includes computers, books, medical equipment, health insurance and living expenses. Living expenses can vary greatly depending on individual student choices.

RN to BSN Program: Tuition rates provided are based on credit hour. For more information.