Peer Mentor Profile – Sharanya Rao

Rao_SharanyaYear of graduation: 2017
Major: Psychology (Mental Health emphasis)
Minor: Women’s Studies, Art History
Career Goals: Clinical Psychologist

Classes taken at Mary Baldwin: ARTH 102/103; BIOL 111; ENG 209; FILM 254/268; SOC 100; MATH 171/233; PSYC 101/150/203/PSYC 205/211/220/250.

Areas of strongest academic interest/strength: Psychology and English. I work at the Writing Center, so I can also help students with their papers, regardless of subject or discipline.


Sport: I enjoy playing most sports, but I’m woefully bad at most of them!
Hobby: Reading, sketching
Band: I have mood and activity specific music preferences! I listen to a whole host of genres.
Song: Again, this is something that is constantly changing.
Color: Blue
Food: It honestly depends on how I feel.
Book: Asking me to pick a favourite book is like asking a mother to pick a favourite child!
Movie: I favour movies with socially relevant themes or that are based on history. I’m also likely to watch a drama or a cheesy one, however!
Actor: Michael Fassbender – but I have genre specific favourites as well.
Actress: Emma Stone – but she’s not my only favourite.


Hometown: Mysore, India
Siblings: Younger brother
Pets: Two dogs
Favorite trips: Road trip across a few cities of the East Coast with my family